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I’ve got another guest post for you today – an addition to the, “When I’m Bored,”series. Take it away, Amy! 


When I’m bored I…

1. Plan my dream vacations. Like really plan them. I look up flights, hotels, activities, check out restaurants and reviews of those restaurants (I don’t actually book anything, I just do all of the research).  I come up with how much it’s going to cost according to my “plans” and then sit and stare into space trying to figure out how to save up that much money. During these moments of staring off into space, I often think things like…”well, if we sold our patio furniture and only ate beans and rice for dinner, we’d have a good start…”


2. Organize my kitchen cabinets. Obsessively. Labels need to be facing a certain way, things are sized smallest to largest, there can’t be “too many” items in one place–being evenly spaced is key. I’m a maniac.

3. Look at fashion blogs and make a list of the items I want to buy to make the cute outfits from them. (Between the dream vacations and outfits, me being bored gets expensive!)

4. Crave Chik-Fil-A chicken strips. Almost. Every. Time. It’s like a switch for me—boredom sets in, then my craving.

5. Bake something. Usually it’s this banana bread or these muffins.


6. Foam roll. For some reason, it’s only when I’m bored that I remember to spend a significant time doing this. But I usually spend the most time looking up new foam rolling techniques so by the time I actually get to doing foam rolling, it lasts about 6 minutes.

7. Brush my guinea pig and talk to him in a high-pitched, weird voice. It’s called the “Otis voice” and he sheds a lot of hair so I want to help him out. Don’t judge.


8. Paint my fingernails. I have to be REALLY bored for this one because I’m probably the world’s worst fingernail painter. About halfway through painting my nails, every time, I realize what a terrible job I’m doing and wipe it all off.

9. Call my husband to talk about how his day is going. And what he wants for dinner. And what he needs from Target. And about what Otis, the guinea pig, is doing. He loves these phone calls…. ;)


10.  Re-arrange the furniture. Then I realize that I don’t like that much change and move it all back. Pinterest is just too good at sucking me in. I get so inspired!



Along with being a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant in Florida, Amy blogs at The Funky Fork.  Go check her out!

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  1. I usually pin a bunch of vacation/adventure destinations when I’m bored, but never get around to actually planning out the whole shebang. Or I’ll start researching some kind of alternative health controversy, which leads down the Google rabbit hole and who knows how long it’ll be before I get out of there, haha. ;)

  2. not that i have much time to be bored these days with a baby, but when i do i spend a lot of time reading/finding blogs and recipes and baking! and occasionally trying to re=organize some part of my room, dressers, closets…. but that happens very infrequently lol

  3. I also love to text or email (sometimes call) my hubby at work if I get bored :) while we are on baby wait and I am just chilling at home it seems that I find myself calling him more – MUST STOP ha ha. I also love to organize anything and everything when I get bored – which I think is a terrific thing and results in organized and reorganized areas!