I was at Walmart yesterday and saw TWO magazines with the term “beach body.”  As in “get yourself beach body ready.”

Here’s the deal ->  If you’ve got a body, you’re ready for the beach.  Period.  Nobody is looking at you anyway – they’re all too busy sucking in their own stomachs.  Promise.  The whole point is to enjoy the scenery and the food and the people you’re with AT the beach.  Not to be worrying what you’ll look like in pictures.

We leave for the beach in just two weeks and I’m planning to LIVE IT UP!  I’m also planning on leaving any insecurities I might have at home.  I’ll be sporting a baby on my hip and a pink bikini on my body.  I might be skinnier than you.  I might be fatter than you.  I might look like a fool running after her kids on the sand.  I might forget to suck my gut in.  I might have cellulite that shows on my (very white) thighs.  I might just go running on the beach with double sports bras on and some short shorts.  Who knows!?!?

Milf on a Slip and Slide

No matter what, I’m going to have fun.  And as long as my body allows me to run and play and hop and be able to do all the things physically that I want it to do, I’ll be happy about that.  If you ask me, there’s nothing sexier than self confidence.  Why is this concept so hard for us women to grasp?!?  Ask any man and he’ll tell you – confidence goes a long way!  It just looks good on us.

I like myself.  And I like this body.  The one I have right this very second.  And that’s ok to say out loud.

I’m totally beach body ready. 

Are YOU?


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  1. Amen Linds!
    As always, thanks for the reminder and confidence boost.
    All women should feel beautiful in their own skin, because they are the best them of all!

  2. When I clicked on your post today, this is exactly what I was hoping it would say!! I avoid most “get a bikini bod” posts because all I can think is, “have a body? put a bikini on…there ya go” so I am so glad we’re on the same page! Have fun!!

  3. Lindsay, you motivate me so much! I love your positive attitude and your outlook! Keep it coming sister! Xoxo

  4. One of the things I’ve learned the most during this pregnancy is that I adore my bikini. Swimming in it is far more comfy than a one piece.

    However, I’ll stick to shorts, skirts, and maybe a wet suit on the beach a half mile from our house.

    The Washington coast just isn’t bikini friendly to me. Perhaps if it was 20 degrees warmer, maybe.

    Even yesterday our daughter pulled out fleece PJs and handed them to me. See ya sun dress. She wandered the shore in them.

  5. Beach body…..I’ve got one with a nice bump too. ;) I’ve been sporting a new bikini with my new growing baby belly, and while I feel strange at times, I smile when I look down and see the curved bump. So weird, but feeling the kicking and movement makes me aware how much my body is doing right now even if I have a little extra cushion in my rear or extra jiggle in my step. Happy, healthy baby.
    Just don’t ask me if I still feel this way in November. Thank goodness it will be time for jeans then. Ha!

  6. Oh I love this and NEEDED THIS! I had a total melt down last night as I’m at the ‘HUGE WITH TWINS’ stage of my pregnancy. It is hard to imagine ever knowing my body again….but I remember gals like you – rocking being a hot, confident mom no matter what size or shape you are. I needed this – I will rock my beachbody as soon as possible!! :)

  7. Yes! We just got back from Ocean Isle (our first beach trip as a former Midwestern family). THIS message is exactly what I want others to understand! Will definitely be sharing! Thank you! :)