I’m welcoming Wednesday with open arms!  (And a early morning run!)

Wanted to say THANK YOU for so much support on the #15minutesforyou Challenge!  I’m excited to see what you guys come up with and how you plan to spend that time each day.  I already have a goal in mind for myself (and it involves Travis – lucky him)!  Remember – we start NEXT MONDAY (June 30th).

Linking up with Jenn today to give you a look at what I ate yesterday.  Sometimes my eats get super boring but I know that if I’m showing other people, I’ll try to change things up a bit.  Is that odd?  The blogs holds you accountable in many regards…food just happens to be one of them.  Anyway – here’s everything I ate yesterday, save a few handfuls of random stuff here and there that I was too lazy to snap a picture of.  There are SO many great Blend swag items in my pantry right now – I didn’t even see the theme until I put all these pictures in the post!

Breakfast – (recycled pic)

FlapJacked Protein Pancakes with extra egg whites and blueberries (must remember to spray the pan!), coffee + So Delicious French Vanilla creamer


AM Snack

Golden delicious + Peanut Butter & Co squeeze pack <-love these for car snacks!



Grilled chicken + side salad + cantaloupe (Ken’s Caesar dressing added after pic)


Afternoon Snack

Onnit’s Hemp Force protein bar


Afternoon Snack #2

Stovetop cookies

(made these for Everett & Kathryn – had to lick the pan to see if they were poisonous.  They weren’t.  Phew. 


What they WERE was too soft so I had to spoon them into an old Christmas-cookie container and make them into a “bar.” This happens more often than I’d like to admit.  To top it all, I slapped a big “A” on the top ….for artistic points.)



Pizza Hut pizza + salad

(Travis’ brother Everett just welcomed a new baby so we took them supper.  Oh my word, he’s a cutie!!!  This is how I “cook” when a friend has a baby – takeout pizza and bagged salad and stovetop cookies that don’t set up.  Luckily everyone’s so busy eating the pizza and the cookies that they don’t notice that I’m lazy.  #hoodwinked)



Bedtime Snack

1/2 Quest Cookies & Cream bar (broiled for 1 minute – split with Travis)

(Quest sent everyone at Blend Retreat even MORE swag!  Two boxes of Cookies & Cream bars showed up on our doorstep yesterday, so we just had to try one out!!  Soooo good!  Thanks, Quest!)




QUESTION:  Best thing you ate all day yesterday!  GO!


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  1. I have been crazy about my gluten free sourdough starter lately, so the best thing I ate yesterday was a huge, hot, crispy edged sourdough pancake slathered in melting butter! Yummmm. I’m addicted! :)

  2. Totally not related to this post- my apologies- but how soon after the arrival of cute little Porter did you get back into a regular workout routine? I’m 38 weeks today with my first, but anxious to get back running after he arrives! Much like you mentioned in an earlier post, running once I hit 28-30 weeks just felt horrible!

    1. Hey Katie!!
      First congrats on the baby!! He’ll be here in no time!! It’s so excited at the end!
      I always tell clients to listen to their body, prenatal and postpartum. It depends on so many factors (bleeding, a C-section, energy, etc), but FOR ME, I always felt like I could start easing back into exercise around 4-6 weeks postpartum. Even at 10 days postpartum, I take walks – slow and short, but still I feel my best when I MOVE. Talk to your doctor & listen to your body. And good luck – babies are the best!! :)