I am dog tired.

As tired as a dog.  Like a dog who is super tired.  (I’m not really sure where that expression originated from but I just don’t get it.)

I’m this close to belly flopping into bed but first wanted to tell you a little bit about our Thursday.  We went to Asheville to do a little shopping – Katy, Henry, Clara, Charlie Ruth, Porter and I.  That’s right – two adults, two kids and two nursing babies.  Not sure we thought that one through, Kate.  What is it about shopping that makes you SO tired?!!  I always feel exhausted – maybe it’s because where we live you have to drive at least an hour away to really “shop.”  Is it the drive??  The kids? (yes)  Not enough water?  I come home and just lay like a zombie on the couch for the rest of the night.

The day started off GREAT – Porter slept until 5am and I was able to get in a longer morning run (with some sprints at the track thrown in!).  Fingers crossed that this is the start of him sleeping through the night!  It felt really good to get out there for a workout before anyone else woke up.  The rest of the day was dictated by nursing schedules, bathroom breaks, meals, snacks and diaper changes – it was nice to have that little piece all to myself.

I’ll let the pics tell the rest of the story. 


























And yep – all I bought were snacks. Winking smile Snacks and cereal.


Have the best weekend, friends!  Come back Monday for a RECIPE <-that’s right…a recipe.  Stop laughing, Dad.

QUESTION:  Does shopping just suck all your energy out of you??  Just me?


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  1. No more mohawk?? There must be a story there… ;)

    Shopping sucks the life out of my soul. But if I had a coupon for a FREE JAR OF JUSTIN’S I might be able to handle it. Where’d you find that bad boy?

  2. Oh WOW! You’re amazing for doing all that shopping with a bunch of kids! I am impressed. I think anything with kids is more tiring–but in a really good way :) You just have to juggle a bit more…and I thought doing it all with one was tough….haha ;) xo

  3. Oh yeah, totally feel you on the shopping exhaustion! I can’t even imagine doing it with two nursing babies and two kids. But I suppose you just make it happen and roll with the punches! What a fun day though — all my favorite stores in one shopping trip! Looks like you got some yummy food! Snacks + cereal = you’re my kinda gal.

  4. I don’t have kids at home anymore and I still feel like shopping is a chore sometimes. Wow, no wonder you were so tired that can make for a very long day.

  5. Yes! Lawson and I braved Asheville yesterday too! We visited my sis and her adorable twin girls who are 4 and 1/2 months old. We had a great lunch at the East Village Grill. We only needed a table for eight by the time we got strollers and baby gear situated-haha:)

  6. Yes! One aspect that overwhelms me shopping is the amount of choices. How many tooth paste options does one need?

    My hub is the same way, so we keep shopping brief…even with our 1-2 hour drive each way.

  7. Yes, a day full of shopping wipes me out! Honestly, I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes at all, but grocery shopping isn’t that bad (as long as I get my meal-planning done up ahead of time). Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I’ve heard such great things about Asheville!! Alex and I want to visit this summer. (We’re in Richmond, so it’s not too far.)

    and I don’t know what it is about shopping, but it DOES wear you out! I think it’s a combination of walking, carrying things, trying to focus, (and in your case, chasing the kiddos haha) but I hope you found some cute stuff!