I’ve got a little challenge for you all today!  A fun one (!) that only takes 15 minutes (!!).  Woot woot!

Before I brought this challenge to the blog, I wanted to test drive it to see how it would go (similar to any of the workouts that you’ve seen on LL – I always try them out before I take the time to make a graphic.  Not lazy when it comes to fitness – super lazy when it comes to creating and re-creating workout graphics lol).

If you follow me on Instagram (lindsays_list) or Facebook, you might have seen my sweaty morning mug on more than one occasion.

My goal?  Run for 15 minutes every morning for 1 week.


And I succeeded!

You see like most mamas, I have to take advantage of every little window that I can.  Whether it’s to work on the laundry or blog or lift weights or listen to Henry read, I try to be intentional with my time.  I think it’s SO important to make the most of our days – they’re so short.  I also think that I can get carried away with “doing more.”  That’s why this challenge is unique.

Let’s talk about last week first…

I want to get back into running shape.  While pregnant, I ran sporadically and then called it quits around week 30 or so (my uterus felt like it was just going to fall out).  I LOVE running…like love love.  I know some people won’t understand this (Travis) but running is an easy-hard for me.  It challenges my body (the hard) but it’s effortless mentally (the easy).  All it takes is time and a good pair of running shoes – plus if you’re lucky, you get to be outside which is always great for the soul.  Anyway, I have this little window of time every morning between nursing Porter and Travis leaving for work.  It’s only 15 to 30 minutes.  It’s not enough time for a long run, but it’s enough time to get out there and MOVE first thing in the morning.  Before the mind catches up or food weighs you down or kids are clamoring at your ankles.

It’s a window in my day.  (and the perfect one for a stroller-free run!)

We have to use these windows.

That’s where #15minutesforyou comes in!

The Challenge

Goal:  Take 15 minutes every day to do something for yourself.

This can be a fitness goal (like running or walking or swimming or yoga).  Just to move more.

This can be prayer time.  Rest time.  Meditation time.

Relationship time (might not seem like “you time” but believe me, it is!)  Lay on the couch and reconnect with your love.

You can meal plan.  Take 15 extra minutes to chew your food.  15 minutes to cut veggies for the week.


Whatever will make you feel best.  Better about your day.  About your goals.  About yourself.

The point is to take time.  To make time.  To sit in the time.

This challenge isn’t about doing more. It’s about being intentional.  Sometimes we need to intentionally DO MORE.  Likewise, sometimes we need to intentionally DO LESS.

To make it fun…

FOR THE MONTH OF JULY, I encourage you to track your 15 minutes with me via Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook!  Just use the hashtag – “#15minutesforyou” so that we can all see how you’re using this intentional time.  At the end of the month, all hashtags will be entered towards a PRIZE drawing (I’m currently working on the details but know that there will at least be a first place prize!).  The more times you use the hashtag, the more entries you get!  You can choose to split up the month into small weekly (or even daily) goals OR you could choose to stick to the same goal for all 31 days – it’s up to you!

We start NEXT MONDAY (June 30th)! Help spread the word and start thinking about what you’d like to be intentional about!


I’m excited!


QUESTION:  Do you like challenges?  Always feel like you could do more?  Do less?


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  1. I am delivering baby girl #2 on July 2nd, so this challenge could not have come at a better time for me. I can use 15 minutes each day to reconnect with myself and make sure I don’t get lost in the bustle of a newborn.

  2. I love this! I recently started setting my alarm just 10 minutes earlier so I’d get up and walk my dogs, and I’ve found that sometimes I walk them for over 30 minutes (then scramble to get ready!) just because I needed that TIME. I love this. Totally doing it!

  3. I LOVE this idea. since I work from home, I tend to just power through, usually lunch too, at my desk (not to sound like a hero lol, I do put loads of laundry in, etc!) and not really stop much during the day. 15 minutes makes a world of difference. I am going to do this for July for sure!! I think it’ll turn into a really good habit. Thank you for posting!!