9 years

June 4, 2014 in Blog, Family, HotTubTimeMachine, Love, Marriage by lindsaymwright

Just two (really young/wrinkle-free/selfish/innocent) kids back in 2005.




Nine years today.

We’ve been married for exactly 9 years.


As I was looking through pictures for this post (and wishing we had taken more), the tears just flowed.  Growing up, I never really worried about whether or not I’d find a husband.  It just wasn’t something that crossed my mind.  What I DID pray for was the right kind of husband.

A man that would be my head.  Someone who would lead me with compassion and gentleness.  Someone who could make me feel wanted, needed.

I distinctly remember writing these words in my prayer journal before we met.

Lord, give me someone who will humbly listen to you in all things.

And He did.

And it was (is) Travis.

He humbly listens as God directs this family forward.  And he loves me in a way like no other.


Today we leave for Park City for our third year of hosting BlendWe.  He’s always by my side, supporting these silly ideas that turn out to be grand adventures.

Nine years, three kids, two mortgage payments, ups and downs, blessings and heartache.  With a very grateful heart, I say, “MORE!! MORE!! MORE!!”

More of this good, good thing.

QUESTION:  Are you married?  If so, for how long?