Happy May 1st!!

Oh man, oh man…did we have A DAY yesterday!?  Loads of vomit, spit up, poop and pee.

Just keeping it real, friends.


Porter said he’d help me with the laundry.  Liar.

Anyway, I’m popping in real super quick-like to tell you two things:

1)  We’ve got less than 5 weeks left before Blend!!  And we still have some tickets available.  PLEASE come spend the weekend with Porter, Travis and I (and some other people).  Go here for details!

2)  While you’re on the Blend site, enter this giveaway and meet our Official Sponsor, Silk!  We’ll be hosting weekly giveaways for a while – bookmark the site!

Welp…that’s all I have time for today.

Peace out.


QUESTION:  Your turn.  Tell me something super short and sweet!


  1. Domi @ Eat, Pray, Lift says:

    Sorry to hear yall are having a rough go of it! And after you took 9 months of nausea like a champ, too. :( Praying the rest of the fam stays healthy!

    Here’s short and sweet for ya: I had cake for breakfast. Ooops?

  2. Brooke says:

    I’m keeping you company for your 4 am feeding! ;) And praying for healing for Henry and protection for everyone else. And healing for Norah, who has strep…and I just had to step away to take care of vomit too. Lovely. ;p

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