If you’re a living, breathing, functioning person, you know that yesterday was Mother’s Day (at least in North America…I’m actually not sure if this “holiday” is an international event).

Last week, Travis asked the kids what they thought I wanted for Mother’s Day (after explaining what the day was in the first place…).

Henry….“SOCKS!!”  Clara…”a spark-a-ye unicorn.”  (Since I actually NEED socks and have yet to add a unicorn to my collection, I thought these were pretty appropriate gifts.)

Until I got on Facebook.

I read several posts from mamas talking about wanting time to themselves – sleeping in and breakfast in bed and trips awayAnd then I wanted all those things.  “YEAH!!  If anyone deserves some special treatment around here, it’s ME.  I’m taking care of three kids, homeschooling, cleaning, cooking (not really), AND making sure I shave my legs everyday for the hubs, all on about 3 hours of sleep a night.”

“I’m entitled!”

And for a second, I became ungrateful.  And selfish.  And for a second, I pouted.  But thank God for discernment.  For that whispering in my heart.

“This is the flesh talking.  Not your Spirit*.  You’re not entitled. THIS IS A PRIVILEGE.”

Valued?  YES!  Blessed?  YES!  Appreciated and doted on and celebrated?  Heck YES**!!

But entitled to some special, grand gesture??


Now, I’m not saying that breakfast in bed wouldn’t be nice (french toast, preferably) or that breaks for us mamas aren’t needed (they’re required).  But my Mother’s Day wouldn’t be ruined if I had to sit at the kitchen table, amidst the (loud) random chatter of my little family as I ate a bowl of Fruit Loops.  In fact, I can’t of think of anything better than socks and unicorns and a handmade card at the moment.  Except for maybe a day spent hugging on these little people who MADE me a mama in the first place.


Yeah.  I’m entitled to that.


QUESTION:  If you’re a mama, how did you celebrate Mother’s Day?



*John 14:17

**For the record, I got a surprise massage for Mother’s Day.  Blessed, I’ll say!


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  1. i expected my fetus to whip up some bacon & eggs and serve them to me in bed but that didn’t happen. penny and randy didn’t do shit, either.

  2. I love this post so so so much. I admit I was feeling a tiny bit entitled yesterday as I cleaned my house and made lunch for all my extended family, but im thankful for a God who reminded me how blessed I was to have the privilege to do just that. Love you and your heart mama.

  3. My angel is in heaven for the first Mother’s Day, but my hubby did make me breakfast in bed. #spoiled :)

  4. I tend to get jealous on any major holiday like Mother’s Day because we’re not in the place financially for my husband to splurge on me nor is he the romantic type who thinks of anything other than the ‘normal’ (cards, unwrapped present, etc) but I promised myself I’d be okay yesterday – I wouldn’t be lost in comparison to others posting junk on social media and, for the first time, I really enjoyed the day and realized how BLESSED I am to be a Mother and those gifts are meaningless, whereas a hike around our farm and a day with family is where it’s really at.

    I am so glad to know I’m not alone and I would TOTALLY take socks too!

  5. Well, it started off with an awesome breakfast the hubs made for me as soon as he got home from work (he even got off a little early to try to beat me awake). But then it was off to work for me. But!….I am blessed enough to have a job and some income and I got to take care of other mothers who had to spend their day sick which is even more unfair than me having to work. Ended nicely with the hubs still awake when I got home and some nice quiet time to just talk and hang out.

  6. I got in 3000 swim yards and 1000 pool walking yards. I embraced each moment, for it allowed me to be healthier.

    Incidentally, my family met me on deck. Susanna grabbed the alignment board, put it on, and walked to the edge.

    As she had no suit nor swim diaper, all I could say was, “tomorrow…” and file away the need to pack her stuff always.

  7. Agreed! I had to do 4 loads of laundry and wash all the pump parts and bottles yesterday, and people were INCREDULOUS when I told them. What was I supposed to do, NOT wash pee sheets because “It’s Mother’s Day, and I don’t have to do that today”? The very reason I get to celebrate this day is also the reason I can’t take the day off, and that’s okay with me! :)