i miss the gym

May 9, 2014 in Blog, Body, Fitfluential, Workout by lindsaymwright

I know I’m only 4 weeks postpartum but I miss the gym.

I miss the classes.  The people.

I miss having someone watch my kids while I take an hour to myself.

I miss showering while someone watches my kids.

I miss sweating.  Like really sweating.

I miss having that thing that we do every morning (and my kids do as well – they thrive off of routine).

All that said, I’m enjoying my time away and I’m no where near ready to go back.  To think about leaving Porter ….it’s FOR SURE too early.  Even though he’ll be able to stay in kid zone two weeks from now (the minimum age is 6 weeks), I know that it’ll be too soon for our family.  I can barely make it out the door most days and to say I’ll be somewhere at a certain time seems laughable right now.

We’ll get there.



And until then, daily walks will have to do.  Plus I’ve got a sweet little setup in the basement.  Yesterday, I chose to take 30 minutes (that I could have spent napping) and I snuck downstairs for an upper body/ab workout (squats are a NO GO, friends. Winking smile).  If there’s anything that changes my attitude, it’s lifting weights.  I didn’t overwork myself or really even sweat too hard, but just the act of doing something that has been ROUTINE for me for the past TEN YEARS felt amazing.

Like home.

Like I could go back upstairs and handle anything the kids could throw at me.

If exercise, for just 30 minutes a day, can do that ….why wouldn’t we choose to do it?!?!

It’s definitely my drug of choice.

QUESTION:  Why do YOU work out?