my first postpartum “murph”

May 27, 2014 in Basement WOD, Blog, Fitfluential, Goals, Postpartum, Workout by lindsaymwright

Along with many others around the country, I completed “Murph” yesterday!  I did this workout last year before I got pregnant (my time was MUCH slower yesterday) so it was fun to see what it would feel like at six weeks postpartum.  If you’re not familiar with this particular Crossfit WOD, “Murph” is so named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan 9 years ago.  This workout was one of Lieutenant Murphy’s favorites and he had named it “Body Armor,” but, in his remembrance, it’s now referred to as “Murph.”


[source]  (I can’t imagine doing this with a weight vest on!)

After fueling up with some protein pancakes and coffee, I made sure to nurse Porter so I wasn’t as “full” for the running part (I also doubled up my sports bras.  This running and nursing thing…It’s some serious business).  While I was nursing, Travis hopped in the car and clocked an out-and-back mile for me (that guy…).  Unfortunately we live at the top of a hill so no matter which direction you run, coming back is ALWAYS a struggle.




The first mile was fairly easy considering the running shape that I’m in. I clocked it at 7:58.

Next up, PULL-UPS!

Early yesterday morning, I asked Tina the best way to modify the pull-ups and she agreed that “jumping pull-ups” would be the next step down from bands (which I don’t have).  For about 20 out of 100 reps, I was able to do strict pull-ups but then within each set, I had to modify with the jump and more of a chin up-type form.  This modification was still challenging but not too bad.






I’d read a good suggestion online to divide the work up into sets of 10-20-30 (pull-ups, push-ups, air squats), but Tina said the pushups would trash my arms and suggested a 10-10-30-10 approach.  I was able to save a little juice in my arms by creating a push-up/squat/push-up sandwich.  (Mmmmm..sandwich.)  I think the strategy worked well!


The first 10 out of every set I completed with strict form.


The remaining 10 (after the air squat “break”) I needed to modify down to my knees.  Not one bit sad about that – 200 push-ups is a lot!



The last piece:  AIR SQUATS!



I found these to be fairly easy but 300 was plenty for the day. Winking smile

I kept a tally of all the sets on our whiteboard and before I knew it, it was time for that last mile.


Whoa!!  SOOO thankful for the downhill start!  I finished this mile in 8:48, slower than the first but I was still pleased.



I completed my first postpartum “Murph” in 42:52.


I’ll take it!!

At six weeks postpartum, I’m not yet in a place physically or mentally to start setting huge fitness goals. I honestly don’t have the desire.  But I love doing these types of workouts because now I have a baseline to work off of.  I just want to get faster and stronger…to beat MY times/reps/sets.  That’s why I loved running cross country – it’s you against you.  I’ll probably try “Murph” again in a couple of months.  And now I have something to work towards: less modifications and a faster 2nd mile time.


Post-workout “ice bath”


QUESTION:  Have you ever completed “Murph”?  Who else is working out in their basement right now?