I woke up this morning to a completely flat stomach!!

Just joking.

You really hated me there for a second, huh.

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Which brings me to a topic that I need your input about.


What are you thoughts about posting a journey online about this?  I’m kinda mixed about it.  On the one hand, I want to provide my readers the inside scoop about various facets of my life.  And let’s be real – everybody is interested in a postpartum weight loss journey (InTouch taught me that.  Among many other important things…).  But then…I think that some people might be discouraged if their journey doesn’t look like mine.  OR I could become discouraged if my body doesn’t bounce back how I’d like.  Would sharing place more “pressure to perform?”

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I wanted to see what YOU guys want to know about in regards to this topic.  I’ll tell you this much – I WON’T BE WEIGHING MYSELF.  Aside from leaving the scale out of it, I’d be willing to measure myself, post my current workouts (which won’t start for another few weeks), and just talk in general terms about struggles and successes.



**Working on the birth story – some teeny, amazingly cute guy is taking up most of my time…guest post tomorrow!**

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  1. Hmmm…while I do think many find these types of posts intriguing, I think it ultimately comes down to YOU and what is best for you. If they will cause anxiety, pressure to perform, or other unhealthy thoughts, then I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Otherwise, it may be helpful to women who are also on the “body after baby” journey. Comparison is a tricky thing, though. Ultimately, just do you! :-)

  2. agreed that everyone’s journey will be different, but I feel reading what others have gone through can provide great insight to what may or may not work for me. Maybe give me ideas of new things to try or things to be aware of.

  3. I would be more interested in your postpartum fitness than the weight loss specifically. When will you start exercising, how you are easing back into it, how do you make accommodations for your postpartum body, when do you reach the point where you feel really strong and fit again :)

    1. Agreed! I think losing the weight is hard, but I think it’s harder to get back to being fit (people can lose weight in not-so-healthy ways as both of us know all-too-well).

  4. While I do think those kinds of posts can bring on a lot of comparison, I think that the “right” answer just depends on you personally – will it be beneficial or harmful for your mentality about it? Will it distract from other priorities or will it encourage you in the best way possible to stay healthy for yourself and your family? Just be YOU :)

  5. I think this is 100% up to you. If it’s something you feel like will help you and help others…do it! If you feel uncomfortable or like this could set you up to do things in an unhealthy way and/or to get frustrated unnecessarily then skip it.

    I loved documenting my postpartum journey…it definitely helped keep me on track and I know other women learned a thing or two based on comments and emails.

    I would love to read your journey! :-) XO

  6. Okay, Lindsay. I saw you today, and you are not too far off to say that your stomach is flat!! You look fabulous!! And that Porter is a beautiful baby boy!!! Henry and Clara are pretty cute, too!!

  7. I think that those are two questions all bloggers deal with. Whatever your answer, just be authentically you! I think if you get rid of the term “weight loss” you will feel more comfortable doing what you do best: sharing fitness.

  8. I truly believe it takes two years to heal after a birth coupled with being at least a two year breastfeeder for me and my babe’s journey. I am one year post-partum and not touching PP weight loss for this reason. For me there are other priorities but you know full well that people (and advertisers) love the idea of the weight loss journey.

  9. I like the monthly recap focusing on overall health.

    What about highlighting what works for your situation (3rd pregnancy, living where you do, etc.) which is likely similar and different to others?

  10. I say go for it if you want. I did post my progress on my blog with pictures and measurements and it was very well received. I plan on doing it again in a few weeks when this baby is born. I think if you do it in a way that encourages others it will be great!

  11. You’re hot any way you slice it! ;)

    I’m sure that wasn’t helpful to your question….but I’d say do what you want to do! Your blog-your choices :)

    I love hearing about others’ journeys. And it should look different than mine, we’re all different and that is what rocks! I did do my postpartum journey through my clothes fitting, and my strength gains in the gym. I don’t focus on weight or measurements because for me it would be too much of an up & down. I just focused on the up (getting stronger), and it’s worked well for me!

  12. I’ll still read no matter what you decide :) However, if I was able to dictate I would like to see your progress. I’m nosey, for one and two, I’ve never been pregnant so I find everything so facinating!

  13. I think the challenge is different for everyone and so many people are posting about it, maybe monthly would be a plus! But, really it’s what works for you. I think so many people say “I don’t really care about the number on the scale”…but one way or another, that’s what it comes back to : /

  14. This comment probably won’t help at all, but you should definitely do whatever you feel like. If you don’t want to write out any full posts, maybe just add a weekly tidbit extra onto one of your weekly posts? Annette, at fitnessperks measured her progress post baby by whether or not her old clothes fit and how strong she felt in her workouts. Her goal was to get stronger, not skinnier or lose x amount of pounds.

  15. It would of course be interesting (it’s true that everyone loves a weight loss story…no matter the cause of the weight gain!), but feeling pressure to lose the weight definitely isn’t a good thing! I like the idea suggested of a monthly recap! :) We all want you happy and healthy at Blend! <3 <3

  16. I love that you threw the idea out there to your readers. :) I personally would be interested to follow along, but these days I’m interested in all things pregnancy (no, not yet, but the interest is strong!) and of course fitness, so the two together definitely is new territory to me that I’d love to explore and read about. At the same time, it’s totally up to you – like someone above said, if it sets any triggers off or feels unhealthy, then it’s an easy no-go. Love seeing all 5 of you guys together!

  17. I always love reading about other people’s journeys through health. While I don’t have kids of my own (yet!) I still find the whole motherhood process fascinating and I learn a little bit more each time I read a different story. Would love to hear yours!

  18. Maybe while posting updates about you and Porter and the family adjustments (bc 3 is much harder than 2 and it’s normal to have moments of being overwhelmed. I needed to know that after Michael was born bc I was taken by surprise with the differences.) you could mention your current favorite activity ex: squats an lunges are my fave! I do agree that posting monthly about it may be more pressure than any mommy needs to get back to pre baby weight :) BTW, I think you are amazing and you truly inspire me! Congrats on that precious baby boy!!

  19. While I do think postpartum weight loss posts are interesting, I really don’t think they are the best idea for someone recovering from an eating disorder. Maybe do monthly updates about how mommy and baby are doing, and every now and then you can mention how you’re doing weight loss wise, but I definitely wouldn’t make monthly posts specifically about weight loss. I think it can get out of control really quickly for someone with an eating disorder. I also am recovering and know I would get way too into losing the weight, ESPECIALLY if I’m sharing it with people, I would absolutely feel a need get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and a little more, because let’s be real, it’s damn hard to not keep going once you start losing weight and the ED latches on) ASAP. Do what you know is best for you!

  20. Although I would like to read about someone else’s weightloss journey, everyone is different. What works for one may not work for another…..lots of various factors play into weight loss. If it were me, I would definitely feel pressure, and you should enjoy your time with your baby. Just my thoughts……Congrats again!

  21. I agree with Lia, above. I also think that its nice to see how different people handle postpartum weight loss. You are a woman who exudes health, so I am ready to see how you take care of yourself in a healthy manner while handling weight loss.

    Someday I am going to be having little babes and I want to be able to bounce back with a healthy body AND mind. (I’ve had trouble with disordered eating in my past too). You would set a great example for us!

  22. We are having our first child in September and I have suffered from anorexia for a long time. I’ve been in recovery for 2.5 years and losing the baby weight in a healthy manner is really important to me. I love your blog and your story and I think it would be so helpful to hear about your journey!

  23. Hi! I think it would be interesting and helpful. I’m going to be having my little person in two weeks and I am determined to get back in shape faster this time than I did with my first child. Since, you’re a few weeks ahead of me, I can see what works for you and figure out what works for me! Congrats on your little bundle!

  24. I think that it would be really interesting to follow your postpartum fitness/weight loss journey. I have never had kids so it would be interesting to get an inside scoop before I head down that road. All of this barring on you being comfortable sharing that with us!