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Snack Plate With Children's Hands Blue Diamond Almonds

Young Girl Holding Almond Up To Eye

Blue Diamond Cracker Dipped In Hummus

2 week old baby's feet

Family Laying on Picnic Blanket

Blue Diamond Cheese and Cracker Sandwhich

Brother and Sister Playing Chase

Young Boy and Girl holding hands looking at mountains

3 Year Old Girl Brushing Off Feet

Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy Sauce Almonds

Young Girl Natural Light Portrait

3 Sibling Children Laying On Picnic Blanket

Young Girl Stares At Her Baby Brother

2 Week Old Stick Tongue Out, Gets Poked In Chubby Cheek

Blue Diamond Almond Flavors

Over head vies of almond picnic lunch

Spring is here!  Thank goodness!!

Other than having to mow the lawn and deal with pollen, we’re SO thrilled that the weather is warming up!  Fall is hands down my favorite time of year (all of the perks of Spring but with less bugs here in Western North Carolina), but Spring holds a special place in my heart.  Picnics, trips to the park (without having to bundle up) and now, we get to take baby Porter outside with us.

Blue Diamond Almonds recently sent us a special little package to help us “Get Our Good Going” during the new season!  With flavors like Wasabi and Soy Sauce, Salt & Vinegar and Strawberry (my personal favorite), we’ve been eating these little snack packs nearly every day, giving us more time to spend OUTSIDE!  Oh and those Flax Seed crackers are wonderful dipped in hummus, with a wedge of full-fat cheese or on their own.

A perfect snack to take on the go….no matter what the season!  A special thanks to Blue Diamond for helping us make warm day memories!

QUESTION:  How do you “get your good going”??  What are some of your “go-to” healthy snacks??


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  1. These pictures! Oh, be still my uterus, I mean, heart ;). So so lovely, Lindsay. And way to go Travis! A photographer’s eye + a daddy’s eye = perfect pictures