currently: april

Hey!  How-ya doing on this wonderful Friday?? 

We’re finally getting into a groove over here, which is amazing and NEEDED for my Type-A mind.  I run best when I have structure and a bit of a schedule.  Luckily Porter is a very content, easy going baby (Henry was NOT this child, Clara was pretty laid back).  Having a chill baby makes these first few months so much easier and I know what a blessing it is. 

Let’s see what’s currently going on.

currently: april

Current books:  We finished up the Bible In 90 challenge!  I was actually a few days ahead during the last month just in case Porter decided to come early.  I love the fact that so much of his pregnancy was spent in the Word.  I know that reading made me stronger during some of those hard nausea bouts.

Now I’ve got time for another book – any suggestions??  What’s the last great book that you read?

Current guilty pleasure:  Sleeping in until 9am!  With Porter’s current schedule, he gets up to nurse around 7am (this is after nursing at 11pm, 2am, and 5am the night before).  Travis takes him from 7:30-9am and then wakes me before he heads out for work.  I’m super spoiled, I know.

Current nail color: Nada. 013 Current drink:  Water!  Like all the time.  Nursing just drains it out of me.

Current food:  I’m a savage beast right now.  No joke.  (Especially when it comes to sweets – next Wednesday, I’ll do a WIAW: Dessert-all-day Edition!)


Current favorite show:  We’re currently watching Freaks and Geeks.  It’s pretty good – not great.  I do love seeing all of the Judd Apatow crew in their earlier years though.

Current wish list:  For our house in Chattanooga to sell!  Then I can buy a new car!  <-this has been the answer for the past three months!  Paying two mortgages is super not fun.

Current triumphs:  Getting the entire family ready and out the door for church on Easter Sunday!  I even ironed (check out the boys’ matching bow ties!  All thanks to Heather!)


Current bane of my existence:  Writing a birth story post.  I’m shooting for Monday!

Current celebrity crush:  Refer to “current blessing” below.  Winking smile 

Current indulgence:  This hand cream.  I’m not even going to tell you how much I paid for it.  Doesn’t matter because it makes me happy every time I smell it.  Local friends – I got it at Robin Eggs on Main Street!


Current blessing:  Pretty obvious.


Current slang:  I’m never good at this question.  I say “cool beans” a lot and it drives this girl nutty.

Current outfit:  Messy bun – Check! Nursing gown – Check! Jessica Simpson nursing bra – Check (and I need another!)! Fuzzy socks – yes! This is how I look 99% of the time….oh and glasses. For some odd reason, I was wearing contacts in this pic.065

Current excitement:  I’m pretty excited that it’s almost the weekend.  After a full week of Travis working, I’m ready for an extra set of hands.

Current mood:  Happy.

Current link:  Kelly’s Fresh Strawberry Lemonade looks SO good to me right now!  Go check her out!


QUESTION: Pick a “current” and answer it!


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  1. nooooo the beans are not cool, lindsay. lol.

    i love the pose in your outfit photo lmao.

    don’t rush writing a birth story post if it’s the bane of your existence.. that is pretty brutal and i bet it would come off as forced. just wait until you want to rather than feeling like you have to.

  2. Is the J. Simpson nursing bra really good?!?! I’ve been using Target’s for the last 1.5 years and I would like something a bit nicer until my baby (toddler now? waaaaah!) decides to wean!