Happy Wednesday!!!

Today, I’m asking for guest posts!

This is kinda like the Lindsay-way of freezing meals before the birth.  Except you’ll be doing all the cooking.  (you don’t want me in there – it’s scary.)

Three themes to pick from (or heck, just come up with your own!):

Option 1:


Tell us about the BEST decision(s) you ever made!  How did it change you??

Here’s one I wrote a while back.


Option 2:


Tell us what you like to do when you’re bored.  Here’s mine.


Option 3:


Make up a workout that we can all do during naptime (3oish minutes)!


Just email me at lindsayslist at gmail dot com and tell me what you’d like to write!  I’ll accept posts through next weekend and will take around 10 posts total.

Thanks for cooking! Winking smile


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