Yesterday, Clara woke up with a cough.  No fever, just a cough, but I still didn’t feel right about taking her to the gym.

With nothing else planned for the day, we moved on to Plan B.

Go to Asheville and shopNaturally.


^^Dollar bins FTW.^^


^^Many thanks for the generous compliments I got on this dress on FB and IG.  It had a small hole in it so I put it back.  :/^^


^^Well thanks!^^


^^Still going strong on my self-imposed “salad a day” goal!^^


^^From Target.  Probably most excited about the Noosa yogurt – have you tried it?  Like heaven.  Clara’s dress comes in second.^^




^^Greenlife scores – obviously we bought all.the.snacks.^^


^^I mean.  How could I not?!^^


^^A walk (scoot?) was very much needed after spending all day cooped up in the car and store buggy.^^


When I think about this little family growing in a few weeks, it makes me want to savor the time I have with only a 5 and 3-year old.  We’re SO excited about Porter joining in, but for three (almost four) years now, Henry, Clara and I have spent every single day together.  I’m cherishing this time and trying to make mental notes of how great life is right this second.  It’s precious to me.


QUESTION:  What’s one thing you actually NEED to go shopping for??


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  1. Aw, too bad for the dang hole in the dress! I love your snack purchases. A nice balance of Red Hot Blues AND Carmel corn!! Woohoo. :)

  2. I stare at the Noosa every time I’m there… hmm. Today at Target I bought regular Starburst jelly beans (are the sour better?), a candle, 2 50% off frames (and I never print pictures for them) and laughing cow cheese. What I was supposed to get was a new lunch bag… so I had to come back to work and order one (from Target) online. Sigh.

    I love those granola bars you bought! Always have at least one in my purse.