Life is going to change soon!  And I welcome it with open arms! The labor (I’m working on a birth plan post btw).  The delivery.  Nursing.  The sleepless nights.  The sweet baby smell.  Changing diapers again.  Watching H & C with him.  Watching Travis with him.  I’m just SO ready to start life as a family of five.

Here’s Porter by the way:005

We got to see him last Friday!  Get this:  his HEAD is measuring 37 weeks and 5 days!!  Overall, he’s measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead and a whopping 6 pounds already!  Big baby!  If I make it to my due date (April 15th), he’ll likely be in the 9 pound range!  <-side note:  I was nearly 10 pounds!!

What is baby up to at 35 weeks?


  • Your baby doesn’t have much room to maneuver now that he’s over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (about the size of a honeydew melon).
  • His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products.
  • Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he’ll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.  <-oh goodness.

How is mama feeling?



Feeling GREAT!  004

Here’s the rundown from last week:

  • Monday: Bootcamp + 20 min. ArcTrainer
  • Tuesday: Powerhouse class
  • Wednesday: REST (trip to Asheville)
  • Thursday: REST
  • Friday:  Bootcamp
  • Saturday: Aqua Aerobics (55 min.) with my sister + 2 mile stroller walk
  • Sunday:  2 mile evening stroll <-LOVING this time change business


Growing worse and worse.  It takes me a good hour to fall asleep (Porter is SO active around 10pm) and then I have several wake ups during the night.


BOY! Porter Killian  <-Clara’s pronunciation – “Poy-toy Key-yin.”  As much as I correct and try to train her towards correct speech patterns, I’m going to miss the way she talks. 

Belly Button?



On.  But I rarely wear them.


Stretch Marks?

Still none!




  • Nausea
  • LOTS of contractions –> most nights I have an hour or two with braxton hicks contractions that make me take notice (like 5-6 an hour). Then I’ll go to bed and feel perfectly fine.
  • Pressure. Lots of pressure down there.


Meh.  Food is food and I’m running out of room for it.  Lots of small snacks.


My baby shower!  So thankful to everyone who came out!  I’m only missing a few things (diapers and more newborn clothes) – I received all the essentials!



QUESTION:  BTDT mamas:  how big were your babies??


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  1. I am 25 weeks pregnant. My mom had 2 girls and both of us weighed 9 lbs. at birth. My mom was 10 lbs. when I was born. I haven’t gained a lot of weight yet but I have a feeling I am screwed.

  2. Oh goodness, I feel you. My first baby (Sawyer) was born at 39 weeks weighing 9lbs,6oz. That was a 22 hr labor, a dry epidural at the time of delivery, back labor, 2 hrs of pushing, a giant head, and a shoulder that got stuck. This mama felt like superwoman! (But could barely walk for a week!) My doctor said I would have had a c-section had she been able to predict his size (I hadn’t had an ultrasound since 18 weeks); but despite the rough labor, I’m glad I got to do it naturally ;). And thankfully, Norah was 7lbs,14oz at full term!
    SOOOOO excited for you!!!!!

  3. I am so excited for you! And wowzers–he will be a big baby!

    Neither of us were big babies, so L was born at 42 w 1 d and was 7 lbs 10 oz (so she was a nice size, but not as big as you’d think given when she finally showed up), but she is really long–always has been (measured 2 weeks ahead all the time in length b/c of her long legs)

  4. You look so great! You can still see those abs of your from the side & those arms.. I’m not Pregnant & don’t even have arms like that haha!

  5. I was induced at 42 weeks and therefore we had a 8 lb 12 ozer (although I just saw Madeline’s comment above, her’s was that big and a tad early! wowza). My mom also always though I was born at 8 lb 4 oz, but turns out in my baby book I was 7 lbs 12 oz…

  6. You look amazing and are still rocking your workouts! Sleep has been pretty horrible over here, too. UGH why are these babies so active when we’re ready for bed?

    Wow, bug baby! Wyatt always measured ahead and was predicted to be over 9lbs. But then my water broke at 36w6d and he was born the next day at 6lbs 15oz, which is big for a 37 weeker! I’m hoping to carry baby girl closer to term and luckily she’s measuring smaller. My mom has both my brother and I completely natural — I was 9lbs 10 oz and he was 10lbs 1 oz. I could not imagine!

  7. So I realized real quick that it’s not so much the wt of the baby but just how big that darn head and those pesky shoulders are!!! My Wyatt was only 7#7oz but his head was something like 15″ around! :O YIKES! My Chloe bug was 7#4oz but her little head was tiny…like in the 12-13″ range. And she was about 2″ shorter than her big bro so she looked like some big chunky thing compared to Wyatt but their wt was only 3oz different. You’re still looking FAB by the way and glad the shower was a success!!

  8. itz so funny you said you are going to miss the way clara pronounces porter’s name – my niece called me “la la” for the longest time and just this week began saying “lindsay” my sister and i try to make her go back, but she won’t!!! haha