When life is good…

and you don’t want to change,

but you can’t wait to see what change might bring,

and jelly beans taste SO good,

but so do fresh, green, bountiful salads.

Dairy Queen-2

When life is good…

and you feel that baby move inside,

but you can’t wait to hold him on the outside,

and you relish the days when you’ve got a full plate,

and know that God will never give you too much.

When life is good…

and you look around at the mess and the crap,

and know that it’s ok because the mess shows LIFE,

and the mess will be cleaned because you’ll find time,

and the mess will return because you lost time doing the LIVING.


When life is good…

and we crave those warm, sunny days,

where you get to run and walk and wear short sleeves,

and then the leaves fall and the snow comes,

and it’s exactly what we’ve been wanting.

When life is good…

and the church service just spoke to you,

and the grace overwhelms you,

because you know that you don’t deserve it,

but you eat it up just the same because without grace, you simply cannot breathe.


When life is good, it’s good NOT because of the things that happen, the circumstances.

Life is good because you’ve made up your mind to SEE it as good.

To SEE it as worthwhile.


And, whoa (!!), what a mindset to have!

(Especially on a Monday.)


QUESTION:  Mind over matter.  Life is good when ______________??




When life is good…

I want to tell you about it.

And I want for life to be good for you too.

Because I love you and that’s all I’m called to do.

To love.

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  1. “the mess will return because you lost time doing the LIVING” <– and OOHHH how worthwhile it is to lose time in "doing the living." That's something that God has been teaching my crazy, neurotic, perfectionist heart lately. Thanks for the reminder <3

  2. Amen and amen. Life is good when you’re so overwhelmed by His presence that the rest is just living and letting Him handle the life. Loved this! (And you!)

  3. Oh I ADORE this post Lindsay!!! every word of it. So needed that mental reset today! Life is good when you step back and SEE it for all that it is, not what it is NOT. <3