thursday’s thoughts


My favorite.

(A close second to interjecting thoughts into a post using parenthesis.  What did we do before parenthesis?!?  Don’t think too hard on that one.)

1.  I found these Jelly Belly jelly beans at Big Lots the other day and have eaten the entire bag.  And by other day, I mean yesterday.  I ate a bag of jelly beans in a day.

2.  Our Lego storage space (yeah we totally have one.  You don’t?  Weird.) is really just my fireplace mantel.  Disguised in Legos.


3.  Kevin Spacey is not at all sexy to me.  But in House of Cards….whoa baby!  Is it the power?  The accent?  The fact that he’s married to Robin Wright (who I’m practically sisters with because we share the same last name)?  I’m not sure.  But I’m currently crushing.

4.  Some fun facts about Legos that you probably already knew.  Most of the people’s heads COME off (!! ..although I guess that’s not surprising).  They have hair and hats that come on and off.  AND if you turn their heads around there’s like a different face on the back (usually a snarly one OR if it’s a Lego girl, she’ll have one face that’s sexy and one that’s mean.  Because women can only be one or the other.).  Oh!  And Legos are expensive.  You should know this before you promise your 5-year old that he can get a new box for every 25 books he reads.  I’ve heard “Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now!” I don’t know how many times.  Enough to make me want to tell Marvin exactly where he can go.

5.  I helped throw my sister a baby shower on Tuesday night.  I paid $50 for 4 dozen cupcakes which made me feel like they were mine.  I took ALL the leftovers home with me and left none for my sister.  I’m a douche.


6.  Douche.  I hate that word.  Sometimes it’s the only one that’ll work though.

7.  I wore Travis’ old man white t-shirt to the gym yesterday.  I haven’t given up on myself yet per say….but we’re headed in that direction.

8.  Speaking of Travis.  His beard.  His hair.  Out-of-this-world crazy/sexy/cool.  I’m crushing.


9.  Mom, crushing on something means that you like it.

10.  Literally just thought of a tenth thing to ramble about and the word “crushing” was in my head so (obviously) a picture of one of those aluminum can crushers came to mind.  Do people still have those for recycling?  We used to.  Where’d it go?  …Random.

If you hung around this long, you’re stellar and going far in life.

QUESTION:  Tell me a ramble.  Anything!


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  1. I love that you are crushing on the hubs. Admittedly, he is pretty hot right now, but I might be biased towards men with beards. I thought about doing a “currently crushing on” post about Mark but thought that’d be too cheesy. ;)

  2. I’ve been away for a while. And I’ve never left a comment! Just read this post and had a good laugh. Legos in one place are better than legos all over the place-like my hallway right now! Thanks for all you share and for the laughs.

  3. I’ve never responded here. But just wanted to thank you for the laughs. You are so great. Thanks for all you share. Legos in one place are much better than all over the place like my hallway! Thanks Lindsay.

  4. haha. I love that you included an explanation for your mom. Our Lego storage space? The shelf underneath our TV. It’s FULL. I don’t know where to put all their creations anymore! PS when Everett was a little younger, he liked to decapitate all the Lego people heads. It was like a massacre on my living room rug!

  5. Haha, I live that you hoarded the remaining cupcakes. Jelly bellys in general are dangerous. Don’t feel bad though….I made a batch of almond butter freezer fudge and housed 1/2 of it last night myself. I told my husband he can’t touch it. I’m so mean.
    House of cards= addicted!! Right after Downton Abbey.

  6. I’m meeting up today with some ladies to get a start on planning my SIL’s baby shower next month!!!

    1. For our wedding we purchased ours at our local grocery store (large chain, but only in Iowa) and they were less than $1 each. They were SO good and all gone before the night was over… and we calculated about 1.5 cupcakes per person!