Well hello there, Friday.

And hello there, readers.

Step into my hot tub time machine and let’s take a ride back.  One year ago.  To the day.  Here’s what was going down.


February 7th, 2013

“It’s Showtime!”

Today is the day.

I become Alice.


In public.

At 10:30am today, for an audience of little people and their school teachers. Then again on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I say, “in public,” because I’ve already “become” Alice in rehearsals. That happened a couple of weeks ago. Something clicked and somehow I knew all of my lines, all my queues, all my facial expressions (annoyed, confused, frustrated – not too far of a stretch). More so than any other show I’ve done, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of “becoming” the role I was given.

This time it just happened to be the lead. How on earth did that happen?!?!

I’m off to the theater – more updates to come – but for now, please enjoy Clara’s audition to be the next Alice**.

I get to be her mom.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite Disney movie?? <-Beauty and the Beast, hands down. It came out at exactly the perfect time in my childhood – I asked for EVERYTHING to be B & B – tents, comforters, birthday cakes, posters, everything!


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  1. Little mermaid hands down! It akes me feel very old now that Disney movies are computer animated and not drawn sketches

  2. Beauty and the Beast, obviously. Although I have red hair, I always identified with Belle best. And it has the best songs, the best characters and I’m not sad when Gaston falls off the cliff (as opposed to Pochantas when Kocoum dies. Seriously, I could rant about that one for hours).