Monday, Monday, Monday!!!  

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  We didn’t do that much – some walks, a pedicure, a couple of workouts and a lot of family time.  No engagements to rush off to – just how I like it.  Since February is coming to a close, I thought I’d finish it out with a “Currently” post.  These are fun!

Currently: February

Current books:

Still chugging along on my Bible!  Although it might be controversial in certain circles, I’m enjoying reading in The Message this year.

Current music:

Alright.  I have a confession.  For THE FIRST TIME yesterday, I listened to, “What does the Fox say?”  Behind the times much, Linds?

People like this song??!?!  And why can’t I stop singing it?!?!

Current guilty pleasure:

My Zulily app.


Don’t my three boys need matching bow ties, hats and suspenders!?!?!

Zulily is a discount online-shopping store that features daily bargains on clothing, home décor and shoes.  While I mostly just “window shop” (I spend SO much money in my head), last week I took the plunge and outfitted the kids (plus Katy’s baby) in Toms.  The only downside to Zulily is that it takes FOREVER to get your stuff.  This doesn’t stop me from buying up all.the.things.

Current nail color:

Yowza.  Same as last time.  Nude.


Current drink:

Water.  Always so thirsty!

Current food:

As I type, I’m eating a favorite breakfast of late:  3/4 cup egg whites + 1 banana + big scoop of sunflower seed butter + chia seeds.  And coffee. Always coffee.


Current favorite show:

We just started House of Cards.  Only two episodes in but we’re enjoying it!  Plus, Robin Wright (Penn) is my favorite.


Current wish list:

To be able to lay on my belly.  To run again.  This dress! <-adorable!

Current needs:

I need to start bringing up all of the baby stuff from the basement.  I go through spurts of nesting – just waiting on the next one to hit. Winking smile

Current bane of my existence:

Pregnancy nausea.

Current indulgence:

Ordering my third batch of Healthy Bites!


Lindsay and I have been friends for a couple of years now.  She makes THE BEST nutrition balls – pretty sure she adds narcotics love to each batch.  I order two dozen of the Spring Sprinkle (tastes like a sugar cookie), store them in the freezer and pop one or two bites every time I need a little pick-me-up.

Current blessing:


Sharing this pregnancy journey with my best friend …who happens to be my sister.  Here’s the story.

Current slang:

Hmmm…Can’t think of anything.

Current excitement:

Blend Retreat!!  We’re adding sponsors (and attendees) every day!  If you’re looking for a fun, laid back vacation with some of your favorite bloggers, this one’s for you!  Go here to register!

Current mood:

Happy.  Content.

Current link:

This announcement made my day!  (And HEY!  I kept a secret for once!)


QUESTION: Now YOU tell ME something current!


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  1. I’m 2 episodes in to House of Cards too! Ian stayed up later than me and watched 2 more episodes, so now I need to catch up. AND I bought Toms for my kids…had to control myself to not buy another pair for me (I have 3, but they’re pretty worn!).

  2. haha i love that you kept a secret. good job. my mom was having a hard time keeping it, so thank god it’s out. i LOVE the zulily app, too! i look at it every day. i don’t love that there are no returns, though, so i have a hard time deciding to order. esp because i have no clue on sizing for maternity stuff. love you!

  3. Currently really loving my life. I realize now that pre-Trey I was always in a hurry. Rushing to get this or that done and never taking time to slow down and appreciate all my blessings. Now everything takes me twice as long and I am finding myself loving it. Trey has forced me to be present in my own life and it’s pretty dang amazing. :) Happy Monday friend!

  4. I learned a lot in this post, and I see another person who loves house of cards….I will have to start watching this, it is all I hear about lately! I am supposed to be taking some time to rest after my hard runs during this training cycle….hello netflix!

  5. i haven’t started on zulily yet for exactly this reason… i know once i start i won’t be able to stop! and i may just have to order some of those sugar cookie balls… sound amazing! though i have a feeling they wouldn’t last very long…