One of the things that Travis and I want to teach our children is how to GIVE with a merry heart.  If we’re not on top of it, the sentiment at Christmas time can quickly turn into, “What am I getting??” and while we want our kids to have fun celebrating Jesus’ birthday by receiving presents, we want the emphasis to be on how enjoyable it can be to GIVE a present as well.  I know that I personally receive a huge blessing when I’m able to give – it turns the focus off of us while at the same time making us reflect inward at our desires to bring joy to others.  We derive the same feeling when we give of our time, our tithes, our abilities – to bless and BE blessed!

Bottom line – giving is super fun!


As you’ll see below, we gave the kids $10 a piece and divided up in search of the perfect gift for the other sibling.  It was easy for them to get caught up in toys that they personally would enjoy but I think we did a good job of diverting the attention back to the other sibling.  I suppose we’ll have to up the giving limit next year as Baby Porter will need a gift but this will be a new Christmas tradition for sure!  I know I got a kick out of the entire process!

QUESTION:  Do you enjoy giving just as much as receiving??  What’s the best gift that you ever GAVE someone??  <-I give Travis the pleasure of being married to me on a daily basis.  Phenomenal gift. Winking smile


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  1. So I know I’m super late on this, but I just have to tell you… I am the oldest of 5 kids and am in my mid twenties. When we were all younger, my parents started the “tradition” of loading up the car, going to wal-mart, and getting $10 to spend for each sibling. We’d all divide up (the younger ones would go with a parent until they were old enough to walk Wal-Mart alone) and go in search of the perfect $10 gift for each sibling. We still do it to this day. And I have to say, it is one of the things I most look forward to about Christmas time. Now that I’m married and living about an hour from my parents/family, my husband and I STILL go to Wal-Mart with a $10/sibling limit to find just the right thing. And we honestly all have so much fun searching for just the perfect gift, with the added challenge of a $10 limit. So, all that to say, I know it’s a tradition your kids will look back on fondly!

  2. Oh I love everything about this and love that you let us see the process. So funny and adorable. I do the same things for my three and it is so entertaining to see what they come up with. My little guy even wrapped up a little stuffed animal that he already had for my little girl. One of them drew pictures and put them in their stockings. They get pretty creative.

  3. So sweet! Our church held a little secret shop where kids could pick out things for their parents and wrap them up and put them under the tree. L was so proud to go “shopping” alone and have something for us!

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! Great parenting job, Travis and Lindsay! Great job giving, Henry & Clara!!

  5. Priceless….esp. the tadpole!!!! I loved seeing their little fat hands and putting the tape on backwards!!! thanks Lindsay and Travis for sharing!!!!

  6. What a wonderful idea! I love how you gave your children money to buy for their sibling, it’s such a perfect way to teach them about the joy of giving & I agree completely that we do get too wrapped up in our own selfish desires but giving is so much better! Especially when you see how happy you’ve made the person who’s receiving. No better feeling :)

  7. I’ve done DIY gifts the past few years, and it always makes me SO happy to give something handmade to someone that I love. It’s the best feeling, ever!

  8. I loved that video! And how you encouraged Clara (“PERFECT!”) and watching Henry use the scissors. :) What a neat family instilling such solid values…I want to be a mom like you when I grow up. ;) Love you, friend!