read with me!

January 13, 2014 in #BibleIn90, Blog, Faith, Goals by lindsaymwright

As I hinted at before, I’ve got a venture that I’m hoping you join me in during this fresh new year!  This might be perfect for you.  It might not.  Either way, I’m diving head first and I’d love some camaraderie along the way.

January is full of detox and workout challenges, but I’d like to tend to the HEART this month (or rather, over the next 90 days).  I invite you to join me in reading the Bible in it’s entirety.


The Why

The “Why” seems pretty straight forward – TO GROW IN OUR KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.  Of His heart, His ways, His approach to dealing with people, sin and hypocrisy.  It’s all written in the Bible – the book most Christians base their faith and lives on.  It just makes sense to STUDY this book, right?!

The thing I’ve found:  SO many Christians who have never read the Bible all the way through. 

Up until four years ago, I was right there with them.

I’d bounced around (usually flipping to to Psalms or Proverbs for that short little gem of inspiration or direction), but I’d never read the entire thing.  I felt ashamed to admit this to Travis or anyone else.  I felt ashamed that I didn’t know the order in which the books came (something I still have trouble with).  Honestly, I felt like a fake.

I quickly found out that the shame was self-inflicted, that it was ridiculous, and that I needed to change it.  So I started reading.

The How

For this particular venture, we’ll be reading the Bible through in 90 days time.  That’s a pretty short time span, I’ll admit, but totally manageable if you set aside about 30 minutes each day.  Instead of reading from start to finish, this particular plan divides the book into THREE parts and you read a little Old Testament and New Testament each day.  I LOVE this plan because you can see the how the two sections (Old and New) are related and intertwine.  It really is beautiful how the book is laid out.  Like I said, each day’s reading takes about 30-45 minutes. 

We’ll begin the 90 days NEXT MONDAY, the 20th, which should give us the perfect amount of time to finish on Easter Sunday!  You can find the reading plan here (printable version here).

The Hope

I hope you’ll enjoy delving into God’s word.

I hope you’ll make time to set aside each day.

I hope to make this a yearly event on LL.

I hope (pray) God blesses you during this precious time of commitment and purposeful study.

I see GREAT things coming out of this!


Again, we’ll begin the 90 days NEXT MONDAY, the 20th.  You can find the reading plan here.  I’ll also be posting each day’s reading in my sidebar for easy access!  

QUESTION:  Who’s excited?  Would a group Facebook page make sense for this so we can encourage one another?