Reminder:  We’re starting the “Bible In 90” plan TOMORROW (Monday, the 20th)!


For the plan, go here.  You can also look in my LEFT sidebar under “Bible In 90” for each day’s reading!

Oh!  And I created a Facebook page too!  Go here, like it, and post anything encouraging (or your struggles).  My plan is to mention this plan occasionally on LL, but for the most part, the discussion will happen ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE so be sure to “like” it!

Can’t wait to see where we are in 90 days! Our hearts, our minds, our knowledge!

Happy Sunday!  Come back tomorrow for an awesome GIVEAWAY!


  1. calee says:

    excited to see the progress and discussion that this effort sparks! i’m trying to read something totally mindless in my spare time since i’m reading a bunch of academic stuff all day, every day. :/ blerg.

  2. Joan Fowler says:

    Lindsay, If I lived in Franklin I would be there. I am reading through the bible with our church, but it would be great sharing with you all.

  3. Shayla B. says:

    Thank you, so much, for sponsoring this effort Linsay! We are studying the Old Testament specifically in our church this year and I have never read the whole Bible. I am very excited for this challenge!

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