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Disclaimer: Intentional Living is not meant to judge, persuade, condemn or change. It is merely a sharing of ideas, thoughts and decisions.


Oh, homeschooling.  Where to begin?

I prayed long and hard about how I would present this decision because like so many other parenting issues, the choice to homeschool (or not) is so very touchy.  When we tell others that we’ve chosen Option A, it comes across as a bashing of Option B.  People become defensive.  The word “judgment” is thrown around.  It’s amazing how quickly someone can become offended when another hasn’t chosen an identical path.

To be quite honest, our decision to homeschool really has nothing to do with you (unless you are my child reading this post, in which case, you are very smart to be reading so early and must have a rockstar teacher).  It’s simply an educated choice that our family has made with regard to how we spend our day.  I’m sharing it on the blog because I feel as though many young families are seeking alternatives to traditional schooling.  Homeschooling is certainly an alternative option.


First, a bit of history:

I was raised in public school.  My parents both worked and my sister and I went to school during the day.  I excelled at school, even receiving college credits for a couple of AP classes I took.  I had some stellar teachers and some not-so-bright ones.  I LOVED playing school sports and competing against other schools.  I had many friends, some of which I still keep in contact with to this day.  Public school served me well!

Travis was raised in a homeschooling family.  His father worked and his mother stayed home and schooled the children (at the time, there were nine!).  He excelled at school, even receiving college credits during his high school years at the local community college.  Travis played soccer competitively up until he attended college.  He received a scholarship to UNC (where we met!)!  He’s a bit of a genius but still has the ability to interact beautifully in any social setting.  Homeschool served him well!

As you can see, the paths were different but the results similar.

Stick to the positives!

The negatives about public school really didn’t play into my decision to homeschool.  (read that again – it is KEY!  Because golly jeepers, I can’t think of a worse way to present this discussion – or any discussion for that matter, than by focusing on negatives!)

Rather, our decision was based on all the POSITIVES we saw associated with homeschooling.

  • I get to stay home with my children.
  • I get to teach them!  I get to experience their firsts!
  • I get to learn about the way they learn.  Are they more auditory??  More visual??
  • I get to choose the curriculum.
  • I can talk about God freely and without restriction.  I can make “Bible Study” an actual class!!
  • And my kids?….they get to spend the day with their mama.  They have a say in what we’ll learn about this week or next (I prescribe the fundamentals and they choose everything else based on what they want to learn about.  It’s HONEYBEES this week btw.).  They have flexibility written into their day.  AND they could (but we rarely do) spend the entire day with bedhead and pajama bottoms. Smile

All great things!


Some days are easy.  Some are hard. 

Some days I question myself and my parenting.

Sometimes I want to run away and escape. 

Some days I wonder what it would be like to send them off and go to work.  

Some months it would be nice to have that extra income.

Sometimes I wonder if they’ll succeed later on.  Be “social awkward?”  Smart enough? 

But then I straighten up, stop questioning myself, and find comfort in the fact that most mamas feel this way about their kids, homeschoolers or not.  We all just want the BEST.  What does that look like exactly?  The definition varies from family to family.

As for the Wright family, we’re aiming to raise loving, ambitious, independent children who run after God and HIS plans…His heart.  We’re taking it one day at a time.  We’re covering this decision in prayer.  We’re being intentional about it.  And that’s the best we can do.


**If there is interest, I’d love to write more about the day-to-day logistics, curriculum, our co-op, etc.  Please let me know if these topics interest you!!**


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