discussion post – “why do we cook on snow days??”

January 29, 2014 in Blog, Blogging, Discussion, Food, Rambles by lindsaymwright

This topic could have easily been a Facebook status, but I decided it was a good enough question to warrant more input from you readers.

So, it finally snowed here yesterday!  From about 9AM until dark, the sky dumped a beautiful, fine powder.  I kept thinking it would let up but it never did!  We probably got 2 or 3 inches.  It was BEAUTIFUL and just what I had asked for!  (P.S.  Why isn’t sledding as fun as I remember it being?!?  I was DONE after about 30 minutes. #old)


When it snows here in Western North Carolina, things stop.  Schools close, everyone retreats to their houses (after the prerequisite trip to the grocery store for milk and bread.  You know, so we can have bread cereal for dinner) and if you’ve got a fireplace, you make a big fire.

Another common occurrence?


Cookies, brownies, cakes.  Anything sweet and chocolately – yep!  We need that for a successful snow day.

I kept reading all these Facebook status’ yesterday about what people were making (chili, cornbread and brownies were the overall winners) and I couldn’t help but wonder WHY.

WHY does snow automatically mean you need to cook or bake??



I don’t know the answer (Heck, I felt compelled to make mac n’ cheese and some almond butter protein bars – not because we needed food- just because it was snowing), but I’m thinking it has to do with TRADITION.  Do we spend time in the kitchen because that’s what our mamas did when it snowed?  What if you lived in a place where it snowed constantly in the winter, like Alaska or New York?  Do those people bake brownies all winter long and get really chubby??

I’m intrigued.  And I wanted to hear from YOU.

What are your snow day traditions?  What is a “must have” food?  And WHY do you think we do the things we do?  Comment below.