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January 24, 2014 in Blog, currently, Lists, Rambles by lindsaymwright

Friday.  Friday. FRIDAY!!!

Even though I don’t hold your typical 8-5, M-F job, I still get excited as the weekend approaches.  The weekend means more hands are available for help should I need them and usually marks the close to a solid week of homeschooling (sometimes we do school on the weekend if we’ve had a rough week and need to catch up).

Today I thought I’d copy my good friend (and Blend co-partner), Lauren!  I always love reading her “Currently” posts – easy reads that are perfect for the Friday mind.  Enjoy!

Currently: January

Current books:

The Bible!


Today marks Day 5 of reading on the “Bible In 90” plan and I’m loving it.  This is my 4th year reading through and it’s always surprising to see all the NEW that God pulls out.  Same words, read many times, but I’ll still find something I didn’t see before.  I love that!

Current music:

This cd!

Current guilty pleasure:

Hmm…I gotta think on this one.

Drawing a blank – I don’t really feel guilt about much of anything these days.  Whoa…is that called “growing up”??

Current nail color:



I’m bare!  <-typical.

Current drink:

Water.  I’m always SO thirsty!!  (which will be nothing compared to when I’m nursing this little guy)

Current food:



Here’s the thing:  I know how to make maybe 4 dishes.  That’s it.  Quiche is one of them and I’m getting better and better each time.  It’s just TOO easy to make and they’re nutritious!  My latest quiche had GOAT CHEESE, ham and mushroom!  I made two so that we’d have plenty of leftovers.

Current favorite show:

I have a couple.  Downton Abbey (we watch online the day after it airs – no cable) and Breaking Bad (don’t tell me how it ends!)

Current wish list:

I NEED some new maternity workout clothes!  I’m currently rotating between three tanks and two capri pant options.  The people at the gym must be so tired of seeing me.  Any recommendations?

Current needs:

See above.  Plus add:  I need for someone to throw me a baby shower.  <-pains me to say that outloud.  I have all the big stuff, but my boy clothes are off by two seasons so Porter doesn’t have much.  Which brings up the question:  What are the RULES (current) for throwing someone a THIRD baby shower?  Is it tacky?

Current triumphs:

Securing more and more sponsors for BLEND!!  Our latest sign on – Oiselle for Bootcamp!


You have to check out their clothes!!

Current bane of my existence:

Pregnancy nausea.  FIVE months – grrrr.

Current celebrity crush:

I don’t follow celebrities.  Like at. all.

I’m ok with that.

Current indulgence:

Dark chocolate-covered cashews!!  Yes, please.


Current blessing:

I have so many, but probably the best, most recent one is a successful business meeting concerning the future.  That’s all I can share right now. Smile

Current slang:


Current excitement:

Renewing my NASM personal training certification!!!


All those CEUs were a doozy, but I’m good for another two years!

Current mood:

Happy.  Hopeful.  Tired (but that’s not really a mood, is it?)

Current link:

Go encourage this girl.  A great friend and I just love her heart.


QUESTION:  Now YOU tell ME something current!


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