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Today I’ve got a special guest post by Becky Flanigan, geared toward anyone interested in water aerobics!  I personally taught aqua aerobics for a couple of years and LOVED it!  I also plan to whip out the maternity swim suit and hop in the pool soon – really helps to strengthen and open up the hips for childbirth!


Benefits Of Aqua Aerobics During Pregnancy

I started aqua aerobics classes when I injured myself on the running trail, and have been a devoted fan of that method of exercise ever since. I had a friend recently ask “Is it alright for me to do aqua aerobics during pregnancy?” While my answer would be “absolutely,” I decided to double check before recommending that she use pool exercises while she was carrying.

A great way to exercise during pregnancy. According to Livestrong.com, aqua aerobics is very safe while pregnant. There are a number of solid benefits to exercise in the water, which all apply while you’re pregnant. The site said that the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists pronounced aqua aerobics safe during pregnancy. Walking, jogging or even running in the water are great low impact ways to strengthen the core muscles and hips.



The support of the water. I know from my experience that the support of my weight from the water is one of the big advantages of aqua aerobics. It has the same benefit while pregnant – the soothing lift provided by the water can give the back a break, and lessen backaches, constipation and swelling. I tried yoga in an aqua aerobics class, because with all of that balancing, I didn’t risk an uncomfortable fall. The same is true with pregnancy, since the buoyancy of the water means you only have to support 50 percent of your weight, taking a lot of strain off of the joints and muscles.

Reduces swelling and keeps you cool. One instructor said that water aerobics kept her from getting swollen knees and ankles when she was pregnant. As well, working out in the water helps keep stomach muscles strong. The water also keeps you cool while you are working out, which lessens the risk of getting overheated and possibly harming the unborn baby. You can read this to know what else is healthy for the mother’s heart health.

Don’t do every exercise move. Most aqua aerobics exercises are wonderful to perform while pregnant, since the classes are held in a water level that is between chest deep and waist deep. There are a few moves that should be avoided though – don’t try stomach crunches, or any exercises that might involve bouncing or jumping while outside the water. The buoyancy of the water isn’t able to support the person in those situations, so it might cause back problems or muscle strain.



Make the delivery easier. If a water aerobics exercise routine is used while pregnant, it has the potential to make the delivery go more smoothly. One study strongly supported this position, citing that women who did not exercise asked for epidurals more frequently than those who exercised. If there’s a possibility that it could provide an easier delivery, I say it’s worth a try.

The first time you get in the water, and feel the lightness provided by the water, you’ll want to spend more time there while you are pregnant. When you start exercising, and feel some relief from backaches and swelling, you’ll really start to smile over the benefits of aqua aerobics – especially while you are pregnant. The good news is you don’t need any fancy equipment, only a pool noddle to get started. I found mine on this website.  Slide into the water and enjoy!


Rebecca Flanigan - Headshot

Becky Flanigan enjoyed creative writing classes in school, and uses those skills when writing pool articles for In The Swim.

Becky likes spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 golden retrievers. She spends many fun filled hours at the family swimming pool, watching the kids and dogs splash and play. She is also an avid gardener – and even helps friends landscape and decorate their yards.


QUESTION:  Have you ever tried Aqua Aerobics??  Thoughts?


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  1. It’s awesome, very relaxing. It also takes the pressure off. I go twice a week and my baby is due in 2 weeks. I heard working out makes your delivery easier but it’s entirely too hot outside so I said what about the water. Keeps you cool.

  2. Aqua fitness class is working great for me during my pregnancy. Besides all the benefits mentioned I definitely sleep better the days I go to class. It is good to read that is safe and it’s useful to know that I should not do abdominal crunches.
    I’m 27 weeks and I would like to know how far in the pregnancy can I keep doing this class…

  3. Its so good to hear articles like this one. Sometimes women are afraid to do excersice during pregnancy because it would hurt the baby or cause any pregnancy related problem. Other than having placenta previa ( complete previa ) or a history of early preterm birth I would tell patients to excersice regularly during pregnancy. Check also my blog about myths during pregnancy, about the dos and dont during gestation.
    J Rivera
    or visit http://www.pinkwomenscenter.com