what to want to write monday

Good morning and Happy Monday!! I hope you had a spectacular weekend (we did! lots of great food, fellowship and a head injury for Travis.  good times!). It always takes me a good day or so to ease back into the week after having time off with Travis and friends/family who are normally working.  One perk of being a homeschool/stay-at-homer is that I don’t have to return to a job today.  The downside is that I never really get a vacation from my job.  A trade I’m totally willing and happy to make.

Right now, it’s Sunday night.  Travis and Henry are across the street at bible study – Clara and I stayed home tonight because …well, I didn’t want to leave the house (even to walk across the street).  We participated in our town’s Christmas Parade earlier this afternoon – great fun, although the kids were a little disappointed that the onlookers weren’t throwing candy BACK at them (makes sense).  I just pulled a Canadian bacon/spinach quiche out of our teeny-1970s oven and it seems a bit wobbly in the middle so I’ll stick it back in.  That oven typically cooks all wonky-like so this isn’t anything new.  Pandora’s Christmas station is playing on my phone – Harry Connick Jr. sings “Sleigh Ride.”  I’m typing at the kitchen table in my flannel pajamas, the only ones that fit over my belly.  Clara is playing with cardboard blocks in the living room and singing to herself – I’m not sure of the song, neither is she – it’s definitely not Sleigh Ride.

Tonight is a good night.  In fact, most nights are good nights.

I sat down to write because I haven’t posted anything new since last Thursday and even that post was just a re-post from last year.  Even though this blog is just a hobby and not something I make a living off of, I still feel pressure to post at least a few times a week and ALWAYS on Monday since I never post on the weekend.  Anyway, I feel like I have a gazillion things I want to write about but I rarely ever make the time to actually sit down and write them.  It’s like this:  I want to share how awesome or hard life is but I’m too busy LIVING that life to write it out.  Or I want to share a candid picture of something that happened in our day, but, since I’ve yet to get that eye-camera-blinking-thingy into a working prototype and I’m too busy enjoying that candid moment for myself, there is NO picture to share.


I guess all this is to say that life is good.  Overflowing to the brim.  And when real life is really good, the desire to share it online dissipates.  And this isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, it’s all I want to write about today.

P.S.  The quiche is still wobbly in the middle, but that didn’t stop me from having a piece.  Here’s the recipe I use (subbing in canadian bacon, skim milk and sharp cheddar.)

P.S.S.  Happy birthday, sister!


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  1. I love to hear that things are so great for you and your family!
    I’m feeling a lot like this lately – my life is just busy and full (of great things!) and I don’t *want* to take the time each day to sit down and write about it…I want to be enjoying it!

  2. I love that you’re feeling so content and happy in life right now…I totally agree as far as not capturing moments when you’re loving and living life so full blast. I captured a few this past weekend but didn’t check in online at ALL and it’s funny how you don’t really miss it…life is too enjoyable to bother with it. :D Keep enjoying!

  3. I relate to this so much. I posted like 5 times in all of November mostly because I was so busy enjoying every moment of what has come my way recently that I just wanted to savor it rather than writing about it. It makes me happy to know all of you are happy. :)

    when my life is good I long to write and capture—but now that I read this you are right.
    I wanna capture but NOT NECESSARILY share online.