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“Picture Paragraph.”

You take a picture and write a paragraph telling us a little more about it.  What was going on that day, your thoughts behind the picture, why you bought that (hideous) shirt you’re wearing, etc.  It gives the author a chance to ramble and the reader a chance to get to love the rambler a little bit more.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words – I’ll try a paragraph.  Here goes.


Growing up, my family always gardened.  And by family, I mean my daddy – mom, my sister and I just kinda sat in the house while he did all the hard work.  Namely because we preferred it that way, but also because my daddy is VERY particular when it comes to…well, every single thing ever.  The man has his ways.  The other night, he sent me home with that container you see above, full of the most amazing homemade chicken and rice soup that I’ve ever tasted.  I’d ask for the recipe but he’ll never share.  Actually, I prefer it that way – I’d much rather just drive over and eat a bowl of his making, in his company, than make it myself. 

The markings on the container top made me smile so big today.  “92.” “2006.”  What looks to be “PK Pumpkin.”  “(2)” Probably undecipherable to most, but I know what they mean.  YEARS of hard work, storing up food for harder times, all from a man who recycles and reuses anything he possibly can.  This container has seen homemade applesauce, creamed corn, strawberry freezer jam, pumpkin (obviously) and in it’s last use, some of the best soup ever.  Yes, I may soon die from the probable chemicals leaching out of the nearly 20 year old plastic (!!!!), but that’ll be ok because 20 years ago, plastics were the wave of the future and somehow that makes this story cooler.  I love you, Dad!

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QUESTION:  Anybody else have these containers in their family???  Is this a Southern thing?


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  1. We had those containers packed with frozen shrimp and lobster when I was a kiddo in NH so they aren’t a Southern thing- maybe they’re a “we’re country and we put up our own food” thing?

  2. I love this lol! Probably because we had the exact same thing! We too gardened but don’t you know we ALL got to participate lol (didn’t have quite that picky of a dad, he just wanted to get it done, which is ok cause wouldn’t you know it’s one of those things that has stuck with me ;) Anywho…totally understand how it shows the hard times. It’s not that we wanted to “recycle” as is the big push of today so much as “if you throw it away we’ll have to find the money to buy more next year” and that wasn’t really an option. Great random pic!!