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Good Morning and Happy Monday, friends!  I hope your weekend was filled with good coffee and some lazy time in bed.  Mine definitely was – yesterday was a super sleepy, rainy day and aside from going to church in the morning, we didn’t leave the house or change out of our pjs.  I need more days like this (but have a feeling that by the end of Winter, I’ll feel the exact opposite.)  The only thing that could have made it better would’ve been if the rain was SNOW – something we haven’t really seen yet this season.  Oh, I just love snow!!  (And again Smile I realize that if we lived in one of those areas that received snow all the time, I’d be rolling my eyes right now.  When you have curly hair, you always envy the straight…and vice versa, right?)

Moving on….

I’ve been thinking about doing a new series for you guys and today I just want to introduce it.  Entitled, “INTENTIONAL LIVING,” this 6-8 post series would be a way for me to present my ideas for living a purpose-driven, intentional life with you as readers.  I want to accomplish a few things by hosting the series.

A)  I want for the reader to get to know my family and I better.


B)  I want for the reader to be exposed to lifestyle ideas (that may or may not differ from their own) and then engage in self-reflection of how they themselves approach the topic.

In writing this series, I’ll be a) sharing my life, which I love doing and b) going through a sort of re-examining of the WHYs behind my decisions in parenting, marriage, health and life.063

What this series ISN’T:

Intentional Living is not meant to judge, persuade, condemn or change. It is merely a sharing of ideas, thoughts and decisions.

Some topics I’d like to address:

  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Homeschooling
  • Single-income lifestyle
  • Holiday traditions/beliefs (i.e. Santa, Halloween, Easter Bunny)
  • Faith-based living
  • Debt-free living

I’ll tell you this right now.   I am in no way an expert on any of these topics.  Honestly, I’m still trying to figure life out for myself.  I’m a (daily) work in progress.  BUT I’m a person who gives thought to each and every one of her decisions, namely because my decisions impact four (soon-to-be five) other people and their lives.  It is a great task that I’m constantly trying to be my best at.

I hope that in sharing our lives and our choices with you, I can open up a CIVIL and MATURE dialogue (that’s why I’ll keep the comments on these posts OPEN unless things get nasty) and I hope to encourage you in your own life choices, whether they look similar to mine or not.  One of the best things we can do as free thinking adults is to live a life full of purpose and conviction.  To know deep down in our bellies the WHYs, and then to be able to present those WHYs with grace and openness.

That’s my intent anyway.

QUESTION:  Are there any other areas that you’d like me to share about?  Would this be a good link-up party idea if I told you the topic a week beforehand?


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  1. I actually love the idea for this series since I think, although there are many great things about our blogging community, we tend to stay on the surface most of the time. I don’t know if it’s because we’re afraid of offending people or if we’re unsure about our authority on certain subjects, but we stick to what’s safe. I, for one, welcome the idea of getting into what’s real.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this!! A lot of those topics you listed sound really interesting (and relatable) to me, especially debt-free living. My husband and I have student loans we’re working really hard to pay off right now (we’re following most of Dave Ramsey’s steps) and so it’s something we’re really nerdy about at the moment :)

  3. I’m so excited for this series. Being recently married and hoping to transition to a single-income family and possibly homeschooling (I was), I’m looking forward to your perspective!

  4. Oooh, sounds fantastic! I’m looking forward to it. And I think a link-up party is a great idea, too.
    I’d especially love to hear about different roles in marriage. I’ve seen so many different views on what husbands and wives “should”/”should NOT” do, respectively, and I’d love to hear your opinion. It seems fairly simple (but also organic!) to me, but as a single lady right now, I’m sure I may eventually eat my words. ;)

  5. Hey,
    I am so excited to read this series you are starting! I have to say I am so so curious about most of those topics, and I love that you will be bringing both your own Personal experiences to the topic as well as the purposeful decision behind it. Things like being a single income family, marriage, and homeschooling I can’t wait to hear about :)
    That first one is reeeal hard to do in the part of the world I’m in (extreme high cost of living part of Canada, though I know we dream of someday doing that) but I would just love to hear how you do it both practically and emotional/mentally.. like how it effects the partnership.

  6. I can’t wait for this. Your outlook and your writing are so wonderful. Merry Christmas season!

  7. I just love your blog thing and all the ideas you have. I too (like the other lady posted) hate that we ever started the Santa thing and struggled with the idea that it is basically lying to our kids and distracts away from the REAL meaning behind Christmas. We definitely always make it a strong point that Jesus is the real meaning for Christmas and about helping and giving to others. Now it’s a matter of figuring out how to stop it since we did start it. Anywho. I’m no regular on the follow ups with my crazy schedules but since my hours graciously got cut (insert sarcasm here-thank you Mr President), who knows! Maybe I’ll be able to keep up with your series lol. The topics sound very interesting and if my schedule straightens out any, I have strong feelings of wanting to homeschool my kids so maybe I can catch some info off ya ;)

  8. so excited for all of this!! especially the single income part because right now it doesn’t feel feasible for me not to work next year with the baby, so i’m curious as to how you make it work with three kiddies nonetheless!! :) :) and i’m very curious about your homeschooling as i’m a teacher and education of littles is a topic that always interests me!! :) :)

  9. Oh, I’m gonna enjoy this segment! I actually regret ever doing the Santa thing early on. We don’t do it now, but fake it when we have Christmas morning with my husband’s family. Our boys never really believed in Santa and it really just sets up an early life of lying. I don’t like it and I feel that it goes a bit too far. It also distracts from the real meaning of the holiday. Through I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, but more of a spiritual person I feel that our Christmas should be centered around family and being grateful for the love and friendships we have, not the materialistic things we give to others. Don’t get me wrong, I love gifts and the joy that they bring to others, but I feel like those gifts lose their meaning when they are forced on a holiday. I think that’s why I love Thanksgiving the most. Just a happy holiday that centers around friends and family being together. Wow, I went a little off track. Anyway, I think you get that I’m excited to hear your thoughts on all of these.

  10. I look forward to this series and would love to do a link up. I’ve noticed that you and I are almost polar opposites on so many topics but we both love our families and do the best we can! I’m in for mature, respectful dialog.