christmas spirit “secret garden”-style

Hello, hello, hello!!!!  How is it that there are only two more days until Christmas?!!?  I just want for time to slow down a bit during the holidays so I can eat more cookies so I can commit these times to memory more fully.  I’ve always loved Christmas but there’s something so exciting about sharing it with little ones.  Forty eight days ago, Travis put together one of those chain links where you cut a chain off every day to countdown to the big event.  It’s taken what felt like FOREVER to come (48 days is a lot of legs, David) but now we only have TWO chains left.  The kids are simply overflowing with excitement!


So today, Travis wanted to share a special Christmas memory with you guys.  Take it over, babe!

When I was young my parents video taped, Hallmark Hall of Fame Presents: “The Secret Garden” off the television.  I haven’t seen it in a while but I don’t remember anything related to Christmas about it.  But the last commercial break of the movie sure was.

For years at Christmas time we would re-watch The Secret Garden just to see this commercial.  Finally a couple years ago the VHS was too old to play.  Every year I check the internet trying to find this commercial and behold this year I finally found it.  Enjoy:

QUESTION:  Do you remember this commercial?  <-Lindsay here.  I didn’t, but I have memories of SO many other commercials that made me cry.  How is it that something so short can create such an impact?!?


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  1. Hey!! The grandpa was the “scary” neighbor next door on Home Alone!! The one that gets me this year is the Apple commercial where the teenager films his family and plays it back for them!! I choke up every time…