christmas 2013 (photo dump) – part I

This Christmas (like most every other Christmas) ROCKED!!  I think that Henry is at just the perfect age for giving and receiving presents – the boy has done nothing but scream with joy for the past few days (he even thought the wrapping paper on some of the presents warranted a, “Isn’t this just THE coolest!!?!”-type of response.  That kid.  Love.).  Clara had fun too…just in a, “I’m focusing on this present right now and you’d better not interrupt me and then roll my eyes,”-sort of way.

We’re still in recovery mode over here and I’m assuming that many of you are too – so a big ol’ photodump seems appropriate (reading is just so hard).  There were simply too many great shots to cram into one post so I’m dividing them up into two – Christmas Eve* today and Christmas Day for tomorrow’s post.

I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our life!  Happy Weekend!

Christmas Eve-66
Christmas Eve-67

Christmas Eve-68

Christmas Eve-69

Christmas Eve-70

Christmas Eve-71

Christmas Eve-72

Christmas Eve-73

Christmas Eve-74

Christmas Eve-75

Christmas Eve-76

Christmas Eve-78

Christmas Eve-83

Christmas Eve-84

Christmas Eve-87

Christmas Eve-89

Christmas Eve-99

Christmas Eve-103

Christmas Eve-106

Christmas Eve-107

Christmas Eve-109

Christmas Eve-110

Christmas Eve-118

Christmas Eve-63

Christmas Eve-64

Christmas Eve-65


**This sampling only represents HALF of our Christmas Eve, as we also spend a great majority of the night with my side of the family.  Travis just forgot to bring the camera (sorry mom).

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  1. Awwww…thanks for sharing with us Lindsay! You have such a beautiful family, not to mention how much you glow in the pictures. You really captured the spirit of the season and joy in these pictures. :) Merry Christmas again.