thinkThin review and #giveaway!!

I’m not sure I’ve been upfront enough about my LOVE for nutrition bars.

I could seriously eat them once (or twice) a day.

In college, I remember trying the Zone diet (among a zillion other diets.  The cabbage soup one was probably the most ridiculous.  And, OH SO stinky.).  Anyway, you’re instructed to eat a diet with a macronutrient breakdown of 40/30/30 (protein, carbs, fat).  I actually really love that breakdown and it works well for me now, but in college, I was ALL ABOUT THE ZONE BARS.  I remember eating like a box a day and calling it good.  Meaning that I ate NO real food, no cooking – just gobs and gobs of bars.

I know better now.  Thank God.

These days I practice a whole foods diet with an 80/20 breakdown.  80 percent real, whole foods (one ingredient foods) and 20 percent of anything else I want to eat.  Nutrition bars fall into that 20 percent for me and I use them for post-workout refueling or while traveling.  The convenience factor is huge for me – we’re generally out of the house for 3-4 hours every morning and I like to have something that’s easily accessible.


Recently, thinkThin sent me some of their high protein/low sugar bars to try out.  I’ve seen them in local grocery stores and at Trader Joe’s but never tried one.  First, I loved the taste and texture of these bars.  I’ll be completely honest here – taste comes FIRST for me when purchasing and is even slightly more important than the nutrition stats.  If a bar claims to be the healthiest/vegan/all-natural/most-amazing-thing-on-Earth but still tastes like dirt, I probably won’t be buying it multiple times.  Taste wins.  Always.  (it’s a good thing I think vegetables taste amazing!)


In addition to the taste factor, the thinkThin bars also met some of my other requirements:

  • High protein (I usually look for something over 15 grams)
  • Low sugar
  • Short ingredient list with ingredients I’m familiar with


All in all, a great nutrition bar that I’ll definitely be purchasing for myself!  Thanks thinkThin!


thinkThin has offered to give TWO Lindsay’s List readers a box of their own bars!  Use the rafflecopter widget to enter below – winners will be announced NEXT TUESDAY!  Best of luck!

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  1. I gave up nutrition bars for awhile but now I’m addicted once again! I’ll take a nutrition bar over candy bar any time. They are just so good!!

  2. I eat nutrition bars on the go only or after a particularly hard workout(maybe one every 2 weeks).

  3. I eat bars once a day or every couple of days because they are a great go-to between my classes if I get hungry!

  4. obsessed with these bars but can’t afford them with my life as a struggling college kid haha. but they are so yummy!

  5. I don’t eat many nutrition bars as of late simply because the cost of buying them often really adds up! But when I do have them around I LOVE them!

  6. I like bars too. I eat one every couple of days- usually a larabar but I would like to try one with more protein!

  7. I only eat nutrition bars if I’m out and need something quick. At home I try to stick to whole foods, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about think thin bars

  8. I don’t eat nutrition bars on a daily basis but I LOVE to keep them in the car and in my purse — they’re so great on the go and incredibly convenient!

  9. I go through cycles of eating way too many bars (’cause life gets too busy and I get over reliant on them). Right now it’s none, in a couple weeks I’ll eat them again.

  10. I usually eat one post workout as a mid day snack, but always keep on tucked away in my purse for a just in case!

  11. I love bars! I used to eat them all the time but now I have trouble finding ones that are low sugar (I have blood sugar issues) so I would love to win this!

  12. I probably eat nutrition bars 3 times per week. They are always eaten as a snack in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Thanks Lindsay!

  13. I love nutrition bars (Zone are some of my favorite!) But because of $$, I don’t eat them any more than 1x per week. Usually, I’ll grab one on a weekend grocery trip as a special treat! It’s hard to find GOOD gluten-free bars, but I love thinkThin!

  14. These bars always look so tempting!
    I have never tried them.
    I love peanut flavored anything so they sound amazing.
    I probably only eat bars about 1-2 times a month due to the cost, but I often make my own.

  15. Would love to try these bars! Try to keep some bars in my desk at work, since it’s a much better option than the vending machine!

  16. I love nutrition bars! I always take one with me to my grad school classes on Monday nights. I eat dinner before I leave the office, and go straight from work to class! Around 7pm or so I’m hungry again and they’re a perfect, better for me, snack. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. I used to eat them about 3 times a week, especially when I was exercising 5 days a week, but since I’ve been pregnant, I just really haven’t had the craving for them really. I love the mini Think Thin bars they hand out at races and such.

  18. I usually eat nutrition bars on the weekends when I’m running errands and don’t have the time, money or desire to eat out.

  19. I tend to eat nutrition bars when I am away from home more than normal. I like to tuck one in my bag as I leave so I always have something good to eat, with me.

  20. I usually have one bar a day. I’ve been really good about making my own lately but I still buy some to have on hand and throw one in my bag just in case. I really like the ThinkThin bars – the white chocolate ones are surprisingly really good.

  21. It depends on what kind of week it is…if it’s super busy I’ll have a few during the week because of convenience. I like to try and pack “real” meals but bars are great to grab if it’s a running out the door kind of morning, which let’s be honest happens quite a bit.

  22. I usually only eat them while traveling or when I’m out and I need something that I can grab quickly. Lately the KIND bars have been my choice, but I’d love to try these.

  23. Heard of these bars but haven’t tried them before! I eat bars about as often as you – for those in-between times (but only if I packed one from home) and occasionally if I don’t have anything post-workout. We do save them up and bring them on long backcountry trips as fast fuel though – that’s probably the most I eat them is on those trips!

  24. Hardly ever… but these could change that. I’m avoiding added sugar for health reasons (and even dried fruit), which makes bars not the best option… these are different though!

  25. probably a couple times a week! i, too, try not to eat them all the time, but if i’m in a time crunch or if nothing else is available, i’ll have a bar! (and i know you know all too well those pregnancy hunger pains come on like woah!)

  26. Love me some bars! Makes me feel like I am eating a candy bar. Kind bars are my new favorite but am open to try new ones.

  27. I’ve tried them a few times and love them as well! I try not to buy bars too often due to cost, but am always up for an easy snack!