thinkThin review and #giveaway!!

November 14, 2013 in Blog, Food, Giveaways, Review, Snack by lindsaymwright

I’m not sure I’ve been upfront enough about my LOVE for nutrition bars.

I could seriously eat them once (or twice) a day.

In college, I remember trying the Zone diet (among a zillion other diets.  The cabbage soup one was probably the most ridiculous.  And, OH SO stinky.).  Anyway, you’re instructed to eat a diet with a macronutrient breakdown of 40/30/30 (protein, carbs, fat).  I actually really love that breakdown and it works well for me now, but in college, I was ALL ABOUT THE ZONE BARS.  I remember eating like a box a day and calling it good.  Meaning that I ate NO real food, no cooking – just gobs and gobs of bars.

I know better now.  Thank God.

These days I practice a whole foods diet with an 80/20 breakdown.  80 percent real, whole foods (one ingredient foods) and 20 percent of anything else I want to eat.  Nutrition bars fall into that 20 percent for me and I use them for post-workout refueling or while traveling.  The convenience factor is huge for me – we’re generally out of the house for 3-4 hours every morning and I like to have something that’s easily accessible.


Recently, thinkThin sent me some of their high protein/low sugar bars to try out.  I’ve seen them in local grocery stores and at Trader Joe’s but never tried one.  First, I loved the taste and texture of these bars.  I’ll be completely honest here – taste comes FIRST for me when purchasing and is even slightly more important than the nutrition stats.  If a bar claims to be the healthiest/vegan/all-natural/most-amazing-thing-on-Earth but still tastes like dirt, I probably won’t be buying it multiple times.  Taste wins.  Always.  (it’s a good thing I think vegetables taste amazing!)


In addition to the taste factor, the thinkThin bars also met some of my other requirements:

  • High protein (I usually look for something over 15 grams)
  • Low sugar
  • Short ingredient list with ingredients I’m familiar with


All in all, a great nutrition bar that I’ll definitely be purchasing for myself!  Thanks thinkThin!


thinkThin has offered to give TWO Lindsay’s List readers a box of their own bars!  Use the rafflecopter widget to enter below – winners will be announced NEXT TUESDAY!  Best of luck!

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