monday (sunday morning) randoms

Top of the week to ya!  I feel like rambling.


Currently, it’s Sunday morning (7:50am – but really 8:50am, because as we all know, it takes a full 3 days for the time change to truly take effect – my mom taught me this.  Someone else: “Let’s meet for lunch today at noon.”  You: “Ahhhh…but we’ll really be meeting at 1.”  It’s super confusing and you’ll most likely miss your lunch date but I didn’t make up the rules).  I’m sitting at the kitchen table, sipping on some coffee and finishing up breakfast.  The beginning of this day has been just breathtaking – the slight fog that greeted me earlier has rolled off and it looks perfectly CRISP outside.  Fall is just the best when it comes to crispness (gala and honeycrisp apples fall into this category too – I just CAN NOT eat a mealy apple.  I always pawn them off onto Clara, who’ll eat most anything).

Travis just came over and asked me to, and I quote, “take some of the weight out of the back of his hair.” Too much, dude.  I’ve lived my whole life where I had to clean up my own hair off the floor/out of the shower and NOW in my thirties, I’m dealing with a second person’s long hair.  And it’s a dudes!?!!  Too much.  Plus, he insists that I cut his hair (what’s the word for “beyond frugal?”  Yeah, whatever that word is – that’s him) and now he’s asking me to take some of the weight out.  What does that even mean??!  And where did he hear that?!?  We don’t even have cable so my guess is the water cooler.

Plans for Blend 2014 have been slowly coming along.  We plan to announce dates/location in the coming weeks!  Tickets will go on sale in January – like us on FB and Twitter to stay in touch.  And yes, I plan on taking a newborn on a plane to this crazy event.  We’ll see if that’s a smart idea or not.

Did you know that it’s been two months since I quit my job?  I plan to write a post about it (I plan to write a lot of posts about a lot of things – we’ll see if they ever come to fruition) but just a quick update – I’m absolutely LOVING life right now as a stay-at-home/homeschooler mama.  Any doubts I might have had or pressures I may have put on myself have just been blasted from my mind.  More thoughts on that to come.  Probably.

I just made the mistake of getting on Facebook.  Everybody and their brother is complaining about the time change.  Actually, every MOM is complaining about the time change.  I see words like “memo” (as in, “My kids didn’t get the memo”) and I immediately and sarcastically think to myself, “There is no memo about the time change.  It’s usually just word of mouth, right?  And, as we all know, babies can’t read so of course they wouldn’t understand a memo.”  Then I laugh at myself.  Because my thoughts are funny.

With my extra hour this morning, I had planned on getting some work around the house done.  Sitting here, typing this post happened instead.  Ah well.  Now the coffee’s cold and I’m being called to “take some of the weight out.”  Facepalm.

Happy Monday Rambles!

QUESTION:  Tell me a random.


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  1. A ramble…well, I am just PUMPED about next year’s BLEND. It’s something I hope to make a regular in my life! You know that I would love to be involved in any way possible! And I’d like to find a sponsor this year…I’ll have to think about that. ;) So there’s one random – stoked!

    Mikey JUST cut his long locks off. I’m very quick to say “spend the money for a real haircut” and have barely touched clippers in my life – it’s good to know your own strengths and weaknesses. ;) He wanted the exact same thing as Travis – though in not such eloquent, hair-dresser-y words as your man – and it is SO SHORT right now. He could put it in a long-ish pony tail and with his full beard I just LOVED it. So I’m getting used to his kind of bowl-shaped haircut (but don’t tell him that his mom and I think that)…it will grow back. ;) I’m a long haired, big beard loving woman! [sigh] Bring me back to the coast. :D

    Lastly, I just love you! So happy your pregnancy is going better, even if the nausea is still present, and I am grateful for you sharing life with me, even if that mainly means on via cyberspace right now.

  2. I SO agree with the time change thing, its driving me crazy and people being mad at their babies and kids over it lol. I’ve never benefited from fall back, my internal clock still wakes me up at that 7-8 hours of sleep mark!

  3. blend ahhhh!!!! that is the one conference i want to to every single year!! but with baby itz due april 30th i’m not sure that’s going to work out this year…. but wait, will you and trav be bringing baby #3 this year?? hmmm depending on location i may have to consider…. heh heh

  4. I barely notice the time either!
    mine is up early with.
    mine is up early without.
    although (sorry :-)) Im not not not a fan of the DARK AT NIGHT.


  5. HAH! My boyfriend is the SAME way about his hair. He wants me to cut it (because it’s easy, and free) but I get so annoyed that hair ends up all over my bathroom, not to mention I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m cutting his hair haha. I usually get frustrated in the middle of it, but once it’s done I’m like “Oh ok, this looks good.”