friday’s fings

Fings = things.  Alliteration makes me swoon.


I’m making this SUPER quick (meaning there WILL be typos and grammatical errors and run-on sentences and devoid of a coherent theme and….).  We just finished up an amazing dinner of Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas and now we’re watching Wreck It Ralph for a few minutes before bed.  After I posted a picture on Instagram (lindsays_list), someone asked for the recipe for these enchiladas so I’ll tell you real quick like – I make a variation of this dish at least once a year month.  The dish is healthy and super easy to make.


Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas


1 pound 97% lean ground turkey

Reduced-sodium taco seasoning packet

1 can reduced-sodium black beans

1 can mild Rotel (diced tomatoes and chiles)

Soft taco shells (8)

1 small bottle of taco sauce

2 cups reduced-fat Mexican cheese


Brown turkey in a large skillet.  Add taco seasoning, black beans and rotel.  Stir and heat through.  Divide filling amongst the 8 taco shells and place side by side in a greased 13X9 pan.  Top with taco sauce and cheese.  Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.


See.  Totally easy.  We topped ours with avocado and 2% plain Chobani yogurt.  I also didn’t use whole wheat tortillas like normal…and the dish turned out WAY better.  Sorry.  Again, taste trumps nutrition sometimes.

—>Let’s see…what else.  Oh, you can get a free Redbox movie this weekend!  Use this code:  NW2PCLP3.  (We rented Wreck It Ralph with our code.  I rarely ever pay at Redbox – just google “free redbox codes” and you should be able to find a code.)

–> I have to give a shout out to my blends, Laura and Heather!!  This weekend, they’re both competing in a bikini competition in Colorado.  It’ll be Heather’s first show ever (Laura’s 4th, I believe) and I know she’s going to have a blast.  Best of luck, friends!

–> I was looking through a Pampered Chef catalog and saw this recipe that caught my eye.  Adding this to next week’s meal plan.


–> Some shows I’m currently digging:  New Girl, Sister Wives Season 4, Futurama and Parks & Rec.  Why does it feel so wrong to put Sister Wives in that list?!?  It is what it is.

–> We have absolutely NO PLANS this weekend and I’m loving it.  By tomorrow, I’ll have changed my sentiment and I’ll busily stuff those two days full of crap, but for now, I’m pleased with the nothingness.

–> Baby names that my children think ROCK:  Pam, Karen, Zelda, Paxton, GIRL (??) and …wait for it…TORCH.  We’re considering them all.


Welp…that’s all she wrote.  Have the best weekend ever!

QUESTION:  Current plans for the weekend??  Any baby names I should add to that rockstar list we’ve got going??


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  1. When I was pregnant with my third, the girls wanted to name him LIGHTBULB. They were totally serious. We did name him Alexander but every once in awhile LIGHTBULB comes out.