wiaw – current pregnancy cravings

October 16, 2013 in Baby, Blog, Diet, ED, Food, WIAW by lindsaymwright

Hello Wednesday!

As I told you guys yesterday, food is starting to become appealing again!  I still have some aversions (anything greasy or too sweet) but for the most part, I’m turning a corner of wanting all.the.foods.  I love this part of pregnancy – the EATING.  I know two things about myself and food though:

  • 1)  Due to my eating disordered past, I won’t be a woman who “lets herself go” during pregnancy.  I just know too much about nutrition and can easily take this knowledge too far and become obsessive.
  • 2) Luckily, I’ve grown up a bit.  I have no food rules or food guilt in pregnancy.  If something sounds good, I’ll eat it (HUGE difference from the Lindsay of 10 years ago).  ….But always in moderation.

I feel like my approach to food (and fitness) has only gotten better over the years.  Some might look at what I eat and think it’s unhealthy or “bad.”  But I know better.  With a more relaxed approach, I’m WAY healthier than I was in years past.  Sometimes “unhealthy” is actually very healthy.

To that end, here’s what I ate yesterday (which was everything I wanted to put into my mouth – no rules – just being thankful for food):




Protein pancake (Plant Fusion Chocolate P.P + Egg Whites, topped with maple syrup and PB2)

Post Workout

Banana – unpictured and scarfed down in the gym parking lot.

Pre-Lunch Snack


Bagel Thin with cream cheese (side note: I HAD to have a bagel and made Travis leave work, drive to the grocery store and get me one.  Keeper.)



Janetha’s Quick & Clean Chicken Noodle Soup (MAKE THIS!!  I added mushrooms but kept everything else the same.)

Afternoon Snack


Golden Delicious apple + sea salt



Chicken Tender Salad (I only ate a bit of this – by the end of the day, I’m kinda DONE with food.)


QUESTION:  What was the best thing you ate yesterday??