thankful thursday

On this particularly uneventful Thursday, I feel compelled to write a “Blessings List.”  You know – a list of things I’m thankful for.  In the midst of homeschooling a 5 year old, catering to a budding movie star (that’d be Clara) and trying to keep my computer geek feeling on top of the world, life can get…frazzled.  I can get frazzled.  When this happens I try to redirect my stinkin’ thoughts and focus on the GOOD because, inevitably, (and thank you God for this) there will ALWAYS be something good to be found.

It’s called “Intentional Thinking” and it’s something I always need more of in my life.

Today I’m thankful for…..

1) grace

2) being blessed with children

3) Travis


4) all four seasons (but especially Fall)

5) this house

6) a best friend (who just happens to be my sister)


7) Blend

8) black coffee

9) hydrangeas

10) the Sunset Restaurant and our Saturday morning breakfast affair

11) quirky, smart people

12) the ability to stay home with my littles


13) this blog

14) central air conditioning

15) family dinners

16) this small town

17) stroller walks

18) walks all by myself

19) my parents

20) salvation

21) Sour Patch Kids

22) the ability to MOVE/JUMP/DANCE

23) curly hair


24) lavender scented sheets

25) breakfast for dinner

26) debt-free living

27) Clara’s freckles

28) willing mentors

29) laughter during sex

30) lists

31) all the things

Yep.  I’m thankful for all the things.  Even the not-so-great ones, like this 11-week morning sickness stretch.  Because, ultimately, the hard times make me rely more on my Father.  And there’s never any bad in that.

Happy Thursday!  (P.S.  I’m thankful for you guys too!  Thanks for hanging in there for the 2+ years that I’ve been journaling!)

QUESTION:  Name one thing you’re thankful for today!  How can we live more graciously??


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  1. Love your attitude!
    Today I am thankful for the ability to take rest days (yesterday!) when I need them, and the feeling of being SO excited for my workout the next day.
    I think it’s really important to recognize and be grateful for the people around us, and to let THEM know how much they bless us. It’s easy to forget, but I’m working on it!

  2. I am thankful for SO many things right now. I am thankful for all of the prayers and petitions that God has answered lately. Just too many to share in your comments.

    Really enjoying all of your posts lately. :)

  3. Being intentional is something that I’m really working on. Thank you for the reminder! And I’m also thankful for opportunities and open doors :)

  4. I’m thankful for 5 healthy, and full of life, grandchildren: Benjamin @ 4+, CeCe @ 4, LeaV @ 2, Zachry @ 4 mo, Nathaniel @ almost 3 mo., and baby girl Case who is growing and is 34 weeks gestation!
    I’m thankful for my family who gives me this joy and nachas (Yiddish for joy or blessings,pride especially from ones children, grandchildren).

  5. Beautiful. This is the attitude I want to live with every single second!

    Today I’m thankful that Meeker made it back to us from his hunting extravaganza in South Dakota. So, so glad he’s home and that he’s mine.

  6. I try my hardest to live a life of gratitude – it makes every day so much more fulfilling. I’m so thankful for my LIFE…there is SO MUCH GOOD in it. Today, amongst many things, I’m thankful for the ability to work from home whenever I want. My pajama pants, hoodie, and messy hair are just necessary today :)