pregnancy – 15 weeks

Oh ya’ll!  Thanks for being patient and understanding while I deal with this nausea stuff.  I honestly hate talking about it (hate having it!) but knowing that I’m not alone makes it a little more bearable.  So thanks!

Yesterday marked Week 15 for us!  Yipeeeee!! (be forewarned: I’m going to be super duper excited with each and every passing week – it’s simply an exciting time for me, for us!)

So a few people are concerned about my underwear and I wanted to address that today, mmkay?  Smile

Yes.  I’m wearing underwear on my blog.  Once a week, actually.  And yes, I’m ok with it.

Fact:  I have worn the same pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear for each and every one of my belly shots.  With Henry.  With Clara.  And now with this baby.  (it’s ok to be a little grossed out that I have the same underwear 6 years later)  I’m sure you won’t remember but the first pregnancy update I posted, I was wearing a shirt and colored jeans.  When I looked at that post, I totally felt like I gipped this tradition.  I asked Travis and he agreed (he also ok’d the fact that I’d be on the internet in my undies).  So anyway, you’ll be seeing those pink and white stripes for the next 5 months.  You’re welcome.

What is baby up to at 15 weeks?


  • Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple).
  • She’s busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop.
  • Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she’s likely to move away from the beam.

How is mama feeling?


Weight Gain

I gained another 2 pounds this week, putting me at a negative 6 for the pregnancy.  Oh I’m so so glad about this (and knew it would come).  I should probably tell you – once I return to my pre-pregnancy weight in a couple of weeks, I will STOP weighing myself.  I took this same approach with Henry and Clara’s pregnancies and it proved to be much healthier for me mentally.  I’ll still weigh in at the doctor’s office, but I will no longer be using Travis’ scale at home.


I’ve had a noticeable increase in energy this week and was able to put more effort into my workouts.  Clocked 7 hours again this week (3 Bootcamps, 2 walks and 2 lifting sessions).  I’m, of course, modifying most everything I do and have now entered the second trimester “No Laying On My Back”-zone.  I’m working on a pregnancy modification post for you guys and should share it in the coming weeks.



Great!  Still getting 9-11 hours every night!


None yet.


  • Nausea (Bah!!  Go away!!)
  • Increasing energy!
  • Reduced food aversions
  • Increasing appetite (I’m ALWAYS hungry!)


  • Monkey Bread!  My mama made some for a covered dish we had at church and now it’s all I can think about!  I haven’t made any for home….yet.
  • Butter.  On baked potatoes, muffins, etc. These food items are merely holding devices for butter.  <-same as last week!
  • Fresh fruit.


  • Vegetables (finally)
  • Chili or soup



QUESTION:  Tell me something you’ve been CRAVING lately!


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  1. I am 15 weeks today and reading this is reassuring since I am at negative 6 as well for my weight loss. The weird thing is I think I have a bump.

  2. RE: underwear — I’m in my underwear on my blog too, and I couldn’t figure out why people were freaked out about it because my bikini covers less, but they were totally okay with that. makes no sense.

    also, i totally have those underwear too, and i bet mine are the same age. :)

  3. You look so cute and happy! And i’m pretty sure I have a few pairs of 6 year old undies too, so don’t worry. I have been craving chocolate like crazy lately :)

  4. Never even thought twice about what you are wearing the the pics. I’m trying to wear the same thing or at least similar thing in each of mine. I’m at 16 weeks and feel fine with on my back exercises, I do get up between sets, so I’m wondering if this is still okay for now. I find myself rolling onto my back in my sleep as well. Have to work on that left side sleeping skill I guess.

  5. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she’s likely to move away from the beam. <– This is awesome. Where do you get these facts?! :)

    And I love your undies. What's the difference between posting that and a bathing suit? I'm not the most modest person, so I'm probably not the best judge. Judging is silly anyway. ;)

  6. Mmmmm monkey bread is so so delicious!

    I def entered a butter stage craving later in my pregnancy–it was crazy! Esp since I don’t usually put butter on stuff, but all of a sudden, I NEEDED it. hah.

    Right now, cravings include GETTING MY BABY OUT! hah

  7. So fun! I’m not sure who wouldn’t like the pink and white stripes; I first thought “so cute!” when I saw them. ;) Cravings for me? Hmm…maybe candy? I’m still doing Janetha’s Holiday Hustle and so far, so good (although today I’m taking a supplement and the shake out; I’ve felt pretty terrible since the halfway change in supplements!), but it ends right before Halloween and I WILL have some candy. ;) Love that holiday!

  8. Cravings…. Om nom nom…. Chips and dip of ANY kind… Which is odd. At the very beginning of this pregnancy it was tortilla chips and queso… Now I’ve moved on to ruffles and French onion dip. And hot chocolate. And baked potatoes with EVERYTHING on them. And scrambled eggs. And chicken pad Thai.

  9. I have been really craving a frosty from Wendy’s. I had one a couple weeks ago and I want another. Prior to getting pregnant, I don’t think I’d had a frosty in at least ten years.