if i could just blink…

Be excited.  I’ve invented something.

I’m pretty good at inventing.  (And driving backwards in my car.)

Let me tell you about an amazing new thing – An Eye-Blinking-Camera-Thingy!!

(Yes.  Yes.  I know that Google Glass is basically the exact same thing but I’m pretty sure that I had the idea first.  And MY invention wouldn’t have those odd looking glasses….you’ll see (or no you won’t because I have no idea how this would work.  Blast you, Google, for being better at inventing.)

Imagine if you could instantly take a picture just by blinking your eyes!  Gone would be the days of seeing something so precious and then yelling, “Wait!  Wait!  Wait!  Do that again so I can send this to Daddy!”  To be able to capture those truly CANDID moments, the ones that would get messed up were you to reach for a camera or iPhone.  That’s what I wish I could do…on multiple occasions…every single day.  Gosh, I love this stage we’re in right now and I want to REMEMBER everything, but also be IN the moments as they’re happening.  With the blinky thing, you could do BOTH!

If I had an Eye-Blinking-Camera-Thingy, I’d “take a blink” of:

…my kids when they’re playing SO nicely together and for a mere moment, they hold hands or rest a head on one another.

…Travis laying out his clothes for the next day.  I’d blink as he blows on the collar, “ironing” his shirt via steam breath.  (Almost as inventive as the time I “ironed” with a heavy plastic tub filled with heavy stuff).


Thanks to T for taking evidential proof.

…that SAME unique red bird comes to sit right outside my bedroom and looks straight into my room.  That bird is really very strange.

…anytime I hear Clara singing a made-up song and I sneak down the hall to find that she’s lined up about 15 stuffed favorites (because they are all.her.favorite), each one covered up with a washcloth (because they’re cold) and is serenading them (because they “wike” her voice). 

…Henry in that moment when you can actually SEE the learning taking place while he’s doing one of his puzzles (puzzles are currently just the coolest to him – he’s doing 100 and 200 piecers!)

And so many more to count!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to live in the here and now.  To walk through the daily, mundane tasks and not want to fast-forward to the next exciting holiday/vacation/event.  But then God reminds me that He’s blessed me so richly with these little moments – they are LIFE.  He reminds me to pull out my eye-blinky thing and SLOW DOWN.  To sit still in those most amazing moments that I have the opportunity to witness.  To remember that life, the here and now life, is just so SO good!

QUESTION:  What would YOU take a blink of??


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  1. All of the wild and exaggerated expressions on my little Chlo-bug’s face as she tells some new wild story or as she is told some new wild story or the look on my sweet big boy’s face as he snuggles his little head up to my arm and smiles so sweetly and says “I just love you so much mom.” Definitely moments I’m caught up in living and not whipping out the camera and definitely moments I hope to never forget!

    1. Oh and I totally just did the whole iron with my moist breath thing on a shirt collar about 20min ago and it works wonders! lol

  2. These in-between moments are beautiful moments. Love them. I would capture my boys playing together on the playground today after school. They were playing tag and just running around after each other but the infectious, pure joy smile was almost too much. I wish that I could carry that with me all the time.

  3. That would be the best invention ever. gosh, so much that i would use it for…the beginning of church yesterday: first time in a new building (a vacant Kroger), with no power from storms the night before. the worship leaders playing acoustic guitar and everyone singing together, no one voice louder than the next, with only some pale light from one set of windows.

  4. Hmm…I think I’d capture the moments I choose to be without my phone! Like on Friday’s run, which was SO fall-ish and beautiful…and the snow that fell outside all day Sunday and the look on my mother-in-law’s face at the women’s expo when I told her the manicure set she was debating over would just be her Christmas gift. Those little times when I’m conscious to leave the phone in my purse or in the car.

  5. these are the “in between” moments. I love them. Remember them. I’d remember my husband hugging me yesterday, you know, the loooong hug. The one where you feel so safe.