ask me anything – episode 3

It’s Monday – long time, no see!

I can’t think of a better time for another round of “Ask Me Anything” questions!  I had a lot of fun answering this round and STILL haven’t gotten through all of the questions from when I initially asked for them back in June!  Once I get them all answered, I’ll open up another post to get more.  Nothing is off limits, except for things I don’t want to answer. Winking smile

Here goes nothin’….

Ask Me Anything – Round 3

Q:  Are you ever 100 percent happy with how your body looks?

A:  I love this question because it brings so many thoughts to mind.  Allow me to answer it with a few other questions.


Do I feel as though there is nothing left for me to improve?  Nope.

Have I stopped working towards goals (fitness and vanity ones)?  No.

But I HAVE come so far from where I once was regarding body image and body contentment.  My blanket answer is no – I’m not 100% happy with the way I look.  But I am pretty darn close – not because I think my body is a Perfect 10, but because my MIND has changed towards my body.  I’m pretty content as is.

Q:  During your eating disordered days, did you ever lose your period?  If so, any advice for getting it back?

A:  Yep.  I was without a period for probably a year (maybe more).  <-not cool.  I also grew lanugo (fine hair) all over my body.  <-not cool.

How I got MY period back (and this worked for me, might not for you):  I started eating more food.  More fat in particular.  It came back within a few months of treating my body better.  I’d consult a doctor or a registered dietitian if I were you.

Q:  Are you single?

A:  Ha!  Who asked this???

I’m happily married to this wonderful fella (almost 9 years now!)


Q:  How did you know when you were ready to start a family?

A:  When Travis and I were first married, we KNEW we didn’t want kids quite yet.  We were married for three years before we started thinking about getting pregnant.  The thought went from abstract to real when we started to become more ok with giving up some of our time.

The thing about choosing to have children is this:  You’ll never really wake up one day and have the thought, “I really just want to give up all of my free time” or, “I really want life to NOT revolve around me.”  Those thoughts never crossed my mind.  I DO think that slowly you become more and more aware that having children will make you a better person and that not having them could create a small (or big) void in your life.  (side note: I also realize that not everyone will agree with me on this.  That’s cool!  You probably shouldn’t have kids – they aren’t for everyone – and that’s cool too.)  I’ve made no secret of my love for kids – I think they’re pretty amazing.

Q:  Do you notice when other bloggers exhibit unhealthy habits and disordered eating….low body weight and BMI?  You are so well respected and just curious if you ever feel compelled to say anything?

A:  Of course I notice!!  And it bothers me.  TRUTH:  As mean and bitchy as this may seem, if I’m following someone on social media who makes me feel uncomfortable about food or exercise, I usually UNFOLLOW them.  A bit of “out of sight, out of mind.”  I know some might think that this is “judgment” on my part, but I see it as being responsible for what I put in front of my eyes (similar to pornography or trashy tv).

I often wonder if people unfollow me or think that I’m unhealthy in some way.  I’m quite sure that someone out there DOES.  And that’s ok – that’s a choice you have to make for yourself.  If something in your life isn’t adding but subtracting and you can do something about it, then you probably should.

Q:  How long did you wait to tell people each time you found out you were pregnant? Any differences/similarities with each pregnancy? I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m dying to tell people but scared!

A:  As the years have gone by, we keep telling people EARLIER and EARLIER.  With Henry, we waited the longest and I think I was around 9 weeks (?).  I’m always SO sick in the first trimester and that makes keep the secret very hard.

Similarities:  Morning sickness (the duration has been different with each one – progressively getting longer and longer), excitement.


Pregnant with Clara

Differences:  Body changes (gained more weight with Clara, carried her a little differently), fatigue level (this pregnancy, I seem to be more tired.  But that could also be due to the fact that I have two children to care for).


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  1. These posts are so fun to read! I could relate to question 2, unfortunately, and I’m working on “fixing” it – thanks for sharing a tiny bit about your experience. It’s something I’d to hear more about if you ever wanted to share more, too!

  2. I too lost my period for a year and got it back, but my body also changed. I gained weight despite trying not to and have had a difficult time taking it off even after having my period for 2 years now.

  3. I agree with you so much on social media unfollows. I will absolutely unfollow someone who is making unhealthy choices and making me unconfortable. Not my place to tell them what to do, but I don’t have to read about it all the time either. When I notice someone unfollowed me, I do usually wonder why. :)

  4. I love your answer about being happy with your body. I can definitely relate! It’s all in your thinking :)
    And I’ve had to unfollow people for same reasons. I don’t need the ED triggers in my life, and I don’t want my mind even starting down that road. It’s hard sometimes because I have to choose to “unfollow” people whose posts I really enjoy and respect for the most part…but it’s not worth my health!

  5. So I gotta know…do you have kids? ;) Haha!

    As for the kid thing – the giving up free time and freedom is the hardest part of being a parent! But you’re right that there’s never a time that we’re 100% okay with giving it all away. I’m with you that when it hits you in the gut you know and just have to go with it. That’s how it was for us at least.

    And I must be judgy too because I will unfollow anything triggering for me.

  6. I love you. :)

    I honestly don’t think anybody is every 100% happy with their body, whether it be looks or function. I guarantee even (ha, or especially) models think there is something wrong with their bodies.

    Also maybe the “are you single” question-asker was being hopeful.

    AND, finally, I love that you admitted to unfollowing people. I do the same thing, and have even done it to people I like and am friends with IRL (I don’t unfriend, but I block their posts from my feed). This goes not only for body image issues, but for anything that makes me feel uncomfortable (political posts, posts by this person who is not really a graphic designer, but charges people to do design work wand does a terrible job at it, and other things).

  7. I love the single question – really?!?! Do they read?? Haha I however, am single. And I totally agree about just unfollowing blogs that aren’t sending me a good message. It’s all about censoring what I see so that blogs I’m reading are lifting me up and not tearing me down.

  8. Thanks for all the insight – I love posts like this! I love the way you framed how you view your body – I feel the same way, that there are things I’d still like to work on improving, but that I’m very happy overall and have come such a long way! Good insight on kids, too – I think I’m still in the “selfish” phase of enjoying my me-time, despite being married for 3 years.

  9. I love these posts. I agree with unfollowing people when it comes to not agreeing with their choices or feeling uncomfortable with what they are doing. I love health and fitness, but there is a very fine line with what is healthy and what is disorderly. I think this is a tricky field to be in and health is not a one size fits all scenario. Love your answers…oh and totally agree on having kids too! Perfect answer to that one!

    I get so many emailed questions about adoption and families etc—I might do one of these posts too (AND LINK TO YOU. GIVE YOU FULL CREDIT :-)) Im careful like that)

  11. i love these posts!!! :) :) jonny and i waited a couple years before we decided it was time to start having kids. actually, at first i wanted to try for kids right away, but after our honeymoon i decided i wanted to take a couple more vacations before kiddos :) now we’re READY!!!!!! haha