things i know to be true – the morning sickness edition

On this particularly fall-like Monday morning here in NC, I know the following things to be true:

1.  Walking (not running, not bootcamping, not spin class) has an effect like no other on my mental state.  There’s no pressure to sweat (but you can if you want to) and no need for a heart rate monitor or knowing your splits or caring if your shorts ride up.  One can really THINK and ENJOY.  A good walk brings joy to my day.

2.  Sadly, I am not an animal person.  Cat, dog, bunny – I’ll pass, but thanks.  Everybody tries to talk me into liking them too, like I have no soul or something.  <-probably true.

3.  Morning sickness and hopelessness go hand in hand.  A deep post coming soon on the topic.  Until then, please know that if you’re going through something similar, you are not alone or broken.  You’re in a crappy season and it will soon pass.

4.  Ginger is pure poison.

5.  The thought of bringing a baby into our family gives me an undeniable SMILE and a JOY that surpasses any depression I might be having at the moment.  Thoughts of holding said baby, nursing it, smelling it and letting my children give it kisses – these things provide me with strength and hope.

6.  First trimester constipation is a real thing.  Where does all the food go?!?!?

7.  Fall is my very favorite season.  That SMELL!!

These are just a few of the things I know to be true.



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  1. 1- You crack me up… 6!!! haha!

    2- Hang in there girl, life is good! Everything will fall into place- just imagine the end result of holding that precious baby and seeing your whole family smiling over the new addition. Keep that faith strong- we all know you have it.

    3- I am with you on #2… what is wrong with us?! I really want to like pets, but I just don’t. I saw a dog today (up for auction) that I truly actually loved and honestly kind of wanted… my husband is seeing what he can do to get it… and I immediately regret having stated how I felt about the mutt- haha!

  2. Knowing I’m carrying a perfect baby boy is the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced.

    Luckily, I didnt experience morning sickness with this (my first) pregnancy, but #6 is poo poo (pun intended). I’ve had 2 bouts with it – 1 when I had sprained back muscles thanks to LO and could barely walk. And another that kept me up all night 1 weekend. Prune juice and bananas are my friend.

  3. I’ve recently discovered the same thing about walking. I’ve started talking almost daily walks during work through our office park which has a bunch of lakes – it’s a nice scenic walk, and I know the loop I do is 1.11 miles so I can do as many miles as I can fit into the day.

  4. I agree on walks 100%. Love them. And who the heck says they’re not fitness? When I want to, I can make a sweatfest out of some fast walking, circuits when I pass benches, and my Spotify worship mix. When I don’t want to, I just walk, with or without music, and pray. Either way, they are totally a release. I also agree with you on fall (which looks like it will never arrive in TX), first trimester constipation (Natural Calm and probiotics helped me), and babies. I don’t think we’re having any more, but I for sure get the itch sometimes.
    Also, true, I am praying for you like crazy. xoxo

  5. Truth: The best things in life aren’t things (well except maybe Lululemon) and happiness comes from within. Money also can’t buy you happiness (can you tell I’m broke right now, haha) hang in there, morning sickness means strong pregnancy hormones, yay!

  6. That’s only because you haven’t met my dog ;-) (totally kidding – I love animals but get that they’re not for everyone and it drives me BATTY when I’m at a hospital with him and a nurse tries to force him on a patient because “it’ll cheer you up” no it won’t if you don’t want 44 pounds of poodle saying hi it’s not going to make your day… Sorry this wasn’t a vent session)

    My truth is – I’m NOT pregnant but I’m betting people were sure I was as I walked gingerly into the grocery store (post 11 miles with crappy IT bands and stomach) and bought pretzels and gingerale just now.

  7. I absolutely hear you on the no-animal thing. I can’t stand them and my poor babies will never have them.

    As for a truth, although I am super sorry for the hardship that you are going through, I ENVY you like CRAZY!!!! I have been almost mad with baby fever lately and I can’t wait until we can also welcome baby #3 to our clan!

  8. first trimester constipation? I’m well into my second and am still battling it! lol But Chia seeds in my yogurt, lots of water, and a daily prune are helping :)

    regarding pets…I’m with you…I have a goldfish and that, my friend, is pushing it :)

  9. I’m sorry to hear about the incessant nausea, Linds – I can’t even imagine it! :( Thinking of you so much these days (and despite the nausea, I have to say, I saw a recent IG photo of you and you.are.gorgeous!).

    A truth for me? Like you, I’m not an animal person. I’m an animal tolerator. I don’t really pet dogs or engage with animals, I just let them be around me. Ha! Sometimes I feel bad but it’s just how it is! Glad to know I’m not alone!

    Another truth? Early mornings are worth it. I need to remind myself of this more often. :D

  10. #2 all the way! I wish people would just accept that I’m not an animal person, but I don’t mind if they are! haha

  11. I am with you on all of this! the constipation is no joke! When I was pregnant with Jay (my first one), I didn’t know I was pregnant. I thought something was wrong with me (tells you how young a 23 year old is getting pregnant with no friends or family to help them go though it other than a just a clueless loving husband). I was late with my period and horrifically constipated. I called the OBGYN because I thought something was really wrong. They asked it I had taken a pregnancy test. I told them no, it couldn’t be that. They said, go home, take a test. On my home from work that day, I bought 2 tests, but really had no faith they were positive. Um, sure enough, I was pregnant. I ended up having to do an enema as a last result. It was awful! As far as the nausea goes, my pregnancy with Max was horrible with nausea and bleeding. I got those sea sickness pressure bands for my wrists and would just push on them endlessly. I feel for you friend. I know you know it’s worth it, but dang it is so miserable. xoxo

    1. Wow! That sounds so rough! I guess these are the things they don’t tell you about being pregnant (there’s the “glow,” the great hair, etc)! ;) Miserable but worth it – funny how actually many things in life are like that!

  12. My dear mom always said” this too shall pass”. It was hard to believe when I was in the throes of morning, afternoon, & night sickness with Jason. Serious stuff for sure. I lived on the beach then so I think the Vitamin D and a good Church group kept me semi stable. Now as Jason approaches 34 y.o. It is all a distant memory. It did pass, I did survive and in fact did it twice more(!).We are fearfully and wonderfully made and HE will give us the strength we need each day! TRUTH!

  13. I am right there with you–11 weeks along & feel yucky all day. What I know is true: this too shall pass & God is sustaining me & taking care of me. Walks are amazing!! I can’t be at the gym because of all the smells.:)

  14. I was blessed to only have horrible morning sickness with my third child. I found the nausea to improve from cantaloupe..I lived on this fruit. The other thing was Greek salad??? (Why Greek salad no clue), b6 vitamins. Gosh I hope reading this doesn’t make it worse for you. Praying that this part of pregnancy passes quickly.