soli beat dance dvd review

Confession:  I don’t really love working out at home.

It’s the kid thing.

Without fail, every time I pop in a workout DVD, be it p90x or Billy Blanks, they come SPRINTING!  Literally clamoring to see A) just what exactly mommy is doing and B) to come up with a strategy of how to be as annoying as possible.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  Try doing a pushup with a toddler around.  Bet you a million dollars that they come over and sit on your back and poke your face.  So unless it’s pouring snow, we go to the gym.  Where kids can climb on other kids’ backs and mommies can collect their sanity.

All that to say this: DANCING DVDS ARE DIFFERENT!

And it took me reviewing Soli Beat to grasp this concept.


What IS Soli Beat??

Soli Beat is a high-energy cardio dance class designed to have you moving to the beat of the drums! Literally.  Class is accompanied by live drummers who deliver energizing beats and rhythms while you shake your groove thang!  Soli Beat takes you all around the world with various rhythms including West African, Afro Brazilian, Latin, Belly Dance and more!  With easy-to-follow moves and awesome acoustics, you’ll achieve the “dancer’s high” while getting an amazing workout.  Soli Beat is about enjoying the music, the freedom to move and having fun.  (source)

As you know, I’m not feeling the best these days thanks to a little bean (which I’d take any day over the alternative!).  Lately, exercise has consisted of pared down boot camp classes and walks.  I do something active once a day, as it takes my mind off of the nausea for just a little bit.  I wasn’t sure how dancing would make me feel, but I LOVED it!

A little glimpse of the action – that’s Sasha and Gina – the creators of Sage Dance Fitness:

Soli Beat is composed of various dance songs, all upbeat and cast to LIVE drums!  When I popped the DVD in, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a “Dance” option and a “Learn” option.  Under the “Learn” option, Gina and Sasha go over all of the moves that you’ll see during the dance.  <-VERY HELPFUL for this not-so-graceful mama.


If you’re comfortable, you can skip ahead and “Play All” of the dances one right after the other.  After a little practice, that’s exactly what I did.  All of the dances were different and unique.  I was surprised how much of a core workout I got.  Oh, and the sweat!  I was dripping by the end (not surprising as I’m a beast of a woman.  Clara’s words, not mine.)

So you’re asking what my kids did during this time?  They DANCED!  The entire time.  I just made rules.  I literally put a piece of string down on the carpet and told them not to cross the line – that they could dance and move but they couldn’t get in mommy’s space.  It totally worked.  Great family fitness!

OVERALL VERDICT:  Soli Beat is a super fun, sweat-inducing, dance party!  It will definitely come in handy this winter when we’re all going stir crazy!  Thanks so much, Gina, Sasha and Fitfluential!

Go here to purchase Soli Beat for yourself ($26.99)!  This would actually make an awesome Christmas or birthday gift for your sister, mom or girlfriend, as well as a good rainy/snowy day DVD to add to your collection!


QUESTION:  Do you use workout DVDs?  LOVE/HATE?  Ever tried a dance one?


**As part of my ambassadorship with Fitfluential, I was sent Soli Beat Dance DVD to review. No compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve never been really into workout dvd’s, but lately I’ve been doing yoga from this awesome app I found on my iPad! Now i’m interested in doing other videos. This one looks like it’d be a lot of fun!

  2. i’m so happy you liked it! LOVE the line on the floor idea :)
    hope you have a wonderful weekend with the family.

  3. Sigh. I want to love home workout DVD’s, but I have the same issue. My kids either get in my way, climb on me, or sit and stare at me (this may actually be the worst). And I have never tried a dance DVD or an exercise dance class and have never had the desire too, really (I really look ridiculous doing any kind of aerobic dance). But, after reading a couple of reviews on this one, I’m actually tempted!

  4. I’m reviewing this DVD on my blog today too. It’s so much fun!

    I don’t have kids yet, but my parents have home videos of my sisters and I doing workout videos with my mom…usually Richards Simmons (it was the 90s, after all). I loved it, but hopefully we didn’t annoy her too much :)!