every afternoon at 3pm

**I wrote this post a day before I got sick, so exactly 24 days ago.  At the moment, I still haven’t found the right words to describe how I’m coping with life right now.  They seem too depressing.  And I’d rather put some positive out there for you guys. 

Right now, I’m not this mom described below.  But soon, very soon, I will be.  So I’m holding out hope that I’ll be cool again.  Enjoy!**


Every afternoon around 3pm, my day gets a little better.

It’s at this time that Henry decides that he’s done laying in his bed to rest and that he peeks his head out of his room.  Now before any of you accuse me of being the bad mother who still makes her 4 year old take “rest time” in his room, let me tell you that the hour that he’s in there is needed by both parties.  He rests and mama collects herself so we can make it as a family until bedtime.  Needed.  Trust me.

Every afternoon, Henry finds me wherever I am in the house and runs to tell me that he’s missed me, like he’s been to Antarctica and back in that last hour.  Then he asks for food.


THIS is why you should call me a bad mother.  McDonald’s soft serve as a snack.  Actually this makes me the best mom ever!

After a quick snack, we work on his school books together.  Yesterday, he read, “See Me Dig,” and when I say read, I mean that he actually read most of the book!  Boy genius, I tell you.  Today it was his math logic book.  I sit beside him at the table and sip a mug of black coffee, constantly directing him back to his work because without fail the conversation will turn from math to legos in about 2 seconds.  I try not to lean over and kiss his forehead too much, but it’s just too delicious not to.  Inevitably, he’ll end up with marker on his face and I’ll consume a second cup of coffee without realizing it.


Every afternoon at 3pm.  It’s a good time.

For both parties.

QUESTION:  What are YOU doing every day at 3pm??


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  1. Are you kidding my 4 year still has 2 hour rest time in her room everyday and next year when she gets home in the afternoon after kindergarten she will still have rest time. Mommies need a break, like you said BOTH parties need it! Take heart you are not alone. I do hope you feel better soon!

  2. Every day at 3 pm I am either training clients or myself. It’s my short window where I either have my drop-in’s or where I get my sweat on! Either way it’s a good time of day. And my mom ALWAYS got us McDonald’s soft serve – super good memories and it’s my fast food snack of choice. :D

  3. Well, it’s 3:00 right now and I’m staring at the clock, willing it to be 5:00 so that I can go home and see my babies! I’m also eating a Quest bar, but this also tends to be snack time for me. I’ll have to hit up McDonald’s next time. A little soft serve never hurt anyone. And rest time is essential, especially for you now!! Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better today. Prayers it keeps up :)

  4. So, um, what does that say about me that my 6 1/2 year old still enjoys his nap on the weekend?? He loves his nap. No joke. I’m not sure how he makes it through the school day without one. Not to mention my 4 year old too. It is much needed rest time for the whole family. 3pm is when everyone is waking up :-)

  5. after 3pm usually trying to get ready for time with Jax, he needs a lot of attention so my afternoons is usually spending time with him and trying to do computer work in between :)
    the best mom I know!!! HUGS
    you’re my role model if my day ever comes ;)

  6. Apparently Henry and I are on the same snack schedule because that is exactly when I’m eating my celery with peanut butter. Trust me, if anyone gets the mom of the year award, it’s you. You are doing such a great job with those little ones. I hope you feel better soon friend. xoxo