the measure of a (fit) woman

August 23, 2013 in Blog, Body, Fitfluential, Goals, Inspiration by lindsaymwright

I have this Nike Dri-Fit tank that I love wearing.  I bought it two years ago as a treat to wear during my first triathlon (new clothes=faster time…it’s science.)  It’s green, my favorite color, and it has a built-in sports bra, a perfect feature for someone in the IBT Club. <-think about it – you’ll figure it out.


I took 2nd in that race and loved every minute of it.  Pushing myself, “picking” people off, kayaking in circles.  I felt fit.  I was fit.

Flash forward to today.  Two years later and I still love that shirt.  It’s starting to fall apart in places but I still wear it a lot.


The thing is:  It fits much differently now.  As I’ve gotten stronger, my body has added muscle.  My growing lats strain against the fabric.  My pecs (not my breasts – see IBT Club reference above) fill out the top a lot more.  If I were using this shirt to measure my progress outside of the gym, I might feel discouraged.  It’s becoming too tight, which usually means that you’re becoming too fat.  Too big.  Too muscular.  Too much of …something.

I know better.

I measure my body progress inside the gym.


Deadlifts – 5×10 at 185 pounds

Where I can lift heavier than I ever have before.

Where I can jump about 5 inches higher.  Then 5 inches more.

Where I don’t become as fatigued during my runs.

Where my muscles grow.

Where PR’s are made.

Where I’m literally “hulking” the crap out of this shirt. 

And it feels so damn good.

To measure progress by MY standards and mine alone.  What a rebel thought.

That’s what strong women are – rebels.

QUESTION:  How do you measure your fitness progress?  How are you improving??  Is bigger better?