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Woot woot for Friday!!!  Today I’ve got some more products that I’ve been loving on lately!   Maybe I’m naïve but I usually trust people’s word that something is as good as they say it is – in fact, I’d guess that over half of what I buy, whether it be food, drinks, shoes, athletic wear, etc, comes from a positive product review I’ve seen on a blog, Facebook or Instagram.  Just like with selling my personal training, WORD OF MOUTH seemed to win most of the time.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’m loving lately – some bought with my own money and some given to me for free.

6 Things I’m Loving Lately

1)  Handful Bras

Oh my word!  I love these bras!  After I corresponded with Jody (the owner) about donating to the Blend Retreat raffle, I decided to buy one for myself.


I wear this bra way more than I probably should (and I fail to launder it way more than I probably should).  You can wear them as a sportsbra (it’s original intent) or as a regular bra.  I just bought a second one in gray so now I can switch them out when they get uber sweaty.

2)  The Good Bean Snacks

Salty.  Crunchy.  Salty.


I could eat a bag every single day.  Oddly enough, eating these makes me CRAVE Diet Dr. Pepper in the worst way.  I’m torn between buying more and caving for the aspartame juice.  First world problems.

3)  ReNew Life Probiotics


ReNew Life sent me some of their probiotics to try out recently.  As I’ve talked about before, I’m constantly trying to heal my gut through the most natural of ways and probiotics do just that (cutting out dairy and regular acupuncture have also helped tremendously)!  ReNew Life’s Ultimate Flora is a high potency, all natural probiotic that is designed to replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut.  Some other perks:

  • High culture count – far greater than competitors Culturelle, Align, & Trubiotics  <-good to know as I’ve tried these in the past!
  • 10 beneficial probiotic strains in every dose including Bifidobacteria (bowel health, gut immunity, and toxin elimination) and Lactobacilli (optimal nutrient absorption, intestinal defenses, and digestion)
  • Unique delayed release system helps with maximum absorption
  • Potency guarantee (active cultures)
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and free of artificial ingredients

ReNew also sent the kids some of their own probiotics to try!  They’re chewable and Henry and Clara love the taste (is it bad that I call them candy??)  I can’t say that I’ve noticed a huge difference in the children’s bowels, but then again they never really had trouble.  I like knowing that I’m only helping their health by giving them these candies!

I will definitely be buying these with my own money – particularly the Women’s Care line (as it helps support vaginal health – who DOESN’T need that!?! <-Men).  You can buy ReNew life here<-NON-affiliate link

4)  Custom Kicks

Label me a dork if you want, but I ordered some custom Reebok Nano’s…..



….with Blend 2013 on the side.  I suppose I really love this Blend business.  Smile


I haven’t worn them enough to give the Nanos a proper review, but I still wanted to share the customization process.  On YourReebok.com, you get to essentially make your shoe from scratch – you pick the colors and the design.  It took me quite a while to make these because I had so much fun mixing and matching different color schemes.  You even get to pick out the color of the shoelace eyelets!!

I love how they turned out (<-funny side note: I was hoping to wear these at Blend 2013, but waited a little to long to order them.  They arrived in NC on May 17th, the first day of Blend.  Wah-wah).

5)  New glasses from Glasses Direct


Jess from Glasses Direct contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing a pair of their glasses.  OF COURSE I jumped at the chance – I’m super blind and hadn’t updated my glasses in several years.  After browsing the site, I got a little overwhelmed by all of the choices then I found the site’s easy “Style Finder” guide.  You simply input your preferences (style, material, and shape) and Glasses Direct narrows down the selection for you.  I finally settled on the “Belladonna” in black.  They are easily the BEST pair of glasses I’ve ever owned (which is saying a lot because I’ve been in glasses since I was 7).


The site offers great discounts all the time for those signed up for email and FREE at-home trials so you can try the glasses on before buying them!

6)  Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

Best. Smell. Ever! <-aside from “new car” and “new baby”  Since I live in North Carolina, aka the sweaty-humid-wet-swamp land of the South (Clara’s words, not mine), I don’t really use all that much lotion.  I was just wasting time in the lotion aisle at the store, smelling all of the products (you do this too??) and I found this one.  It does a great job at moisturizing – I apply it after ever shower and before bed.  Hop in your car and go buy this!



QUESTION:  Any latest product(s) buys that you just have to share??  Tell me about something I should spend my money on.

*Some of the products listed above were given free of charge for me to try out!  However, I was not paid for my opinion on them.


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  1. I am turning 41 in November and my gut health hasn’t been what it used. I currently use Align but didn’t realize that I should be looking for many strains in my probiotic. Once I’m done with this bottle I’m going to be trying Ultimate Flora. Thank you for teaching me.

  2. Love this post! What did you think of the larabar alt bars that you posted about the other week?

  3. I have to agree with you on EVERYTHING on this list. If I was to write a blog post like this, it would be exactly the same. Except custom kicks. Haven’t tried those.

    Confession: I almost did the $250 kickstarter for handful when they were doing that because I wanted one for every day of the week. I was going to replace all my regular bras with handful because I cannot find a stinkin’ bra that fits, so I typically just wear a sports bra or go without, and I can’t really go without like I used to in my early 20s.

    That shampoo and conditioner combo brought my hair back to life after I fried it in June trying to go platinum.

  4. definitely Dove Damage Therapy shampoo/conditioner in bulk sizes from Costco…in Cali it’s only $6.50 a bottle so probably even better deal in SC! My sister, 8 year old niece, and I all swear by it, and it’s an awesome deal.

  5. Love my Nano 2.0’s! Wish I could have bought custom ones, but I actually got mine for only $80 – which was $20 the standard price! I couldn’t turn it away! I’ve heard a lot about Handful, and might have to give them a try! I need to update my sports bras in a bad way!

  6. uhhh i definitely don’t wash my bras (sports or regular) after every use….. i go way too long too :) ehhh whatever! i’ve heard nothing but good things about the handful bras – i want to try them!! i love a little extra UMPF for my ladies!