ask me anything – episode 2

It’s time for Round 2 of “Ask Me Anything!”  A while ago, I gave you guys the opportunity to ask me any question your heart desired.  The response was amazing – you had some really great one (and a couple of not so great ones).  Go here for Episode 1.  Let’s do this!


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Ask Me Anything – Episode 2

Q:  I remember a post from a while back where you talked about being on the road to recovery with your eating disorder but that you weren’t recovered.  Just wanted to see how that was going.

A:  It’s going really well!  I’m just constantly handing my body images over.  It is a daily task. 

Anyone who has ever dealt with an eating disorder will probably agree with me – you never fully recover.  You just learn to cope.  You learn to become master to the beast.  But the beast will be there, just much quieter and less possessing.  That’s how it is for me at least.  Does that even make sense?  If not, tell me in the comments and I’ll try to think about it more clearly and write more on the topic.

Q:  Are you ever nervous about your mother-in-law seeing your sexual references?  You are very open.

A:  Ha!  I laughed out loud at this one and then immediately called Travis so he could laugh too. 

Uh…to answer the question, no, I’m not the least bit nervous about talking about sex in front of my mother-in-law.  (sex, sex, sex.)  She’s known me for nearly 11 years now and knows me inside and out.  I’ve always been very open about everything in my life – sex is just one of the (amazing) parts.  I think when you DON’T talk about something, like it’s forbidden, then you create a stigma around it.  Sex is natural, super fun and part of a healthy marriage – perhaps one of the biggest parts.  Plus, I’m pretty sure our kids are enough evidence to my mother-in-law that we’ve done the deed once or twice. ;)

Q:  What is your favorite quality about Travis, or the first quality you noticed when you first met him?

A:  His self confidence!  He walks through life with the idea that he won’t fail at anything he puts his hand to.  Imagine living like that!!  How freeing!  He isn’t arrogant.  Let me tell you – arrogance is THE biggest turnoff for me.  Travis knows that anything he’s good at is simply a gift from God – he credits God for his success and not himself.  I like that about him too – his abundant faith! 


Q:  I have Pinterest and I spend a lot of time organizing my boards.  Now I have 12 branch offs of healthy moves…what categories would you have for your fitness/workout boards?  I am now overwhelmed!!

A:  Oh goodness.  My advice would be to stop pinning things.  Honestly – when’s the last time you went on Pinterest and made/baked/used anything that you pinned.  I kinda forgot it existed.  Sorry, probably not the answer you were looking for.

Q:  Do you include alcohol in your healthy lifestyle?

A:  I would if I liked alcohol, but I don’t.  It just doesn’t TASTE good to me.  I think that you can definitely enjoy alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle, just in moderation (like everything else).  Some of my friends need a beer after a long day.  I’m all like, “pass me a brownie and some Gilmore Girls!”  Plus, I’d much rather eat my calories than drink them.


Except this night.  This night I got really drunk.

Q:  Why did you decide to homeschool?

I’m working on an entire post about this question.  Soon to come!  Our Kindergarten school year is already in full swing!


This concludes Round 2!  Hope you enjoyed it – have the most wonderful Monday you’ve ever had!  See you tomorrow.

QUESTION:  Sex.  Do you talk about it?  Or is it hush hush?  Do you like alcohol.


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  1. Amen to a brownie and Gilmore Girls! I too am in ED recovery, and your husband sounds very much like mine, I wonder if we are drawn to their confidence, because it’s something we lack. I know, for me anyway, it’s a big part of the cause of my ED. My hubby has really helped me a lot. I love his approach to life. Like you said…so FREEING! And to know it’s all God’s anyway.

  2. One of the reasons I love your blog is BECAUSE you are so frank about sex (and, you know, LIFE). Far too many Christians are scared/ashamed/embarrassed to talk about sex, which gets really frustrating. I’m over here being the one who gets “shushed” by her friends and family for being too open about sex and my ovaries and all that business. (Seriously. My dad told me to stop blogging about my ovaries. I politely declined.)

  3. I am very open about sex. Everyone does it, so there is no point in making it a bad thing!

    Eating disorders are exactly as you described. It is always in your mind you just have to push ot down and eventually it turns into a whisper instead of a roar.

    And Gilmore Girls? I love you!!! :D That is my favorite show in the world!!!!

  4. I like a glass of wine, a beer, or a margarita … but I don’t drink to get drunk. And although I don’t talk about sex on my blog, I have no issue talking about it with friends or my husband. Like you said, it’s a natural part of marriage!

  5. I completely agree with your answer to the eating disorders question. When I was in inpatient treatment, one of the most valuable things my therapist told me was to look at my ED like an alcoholic looks at alcoholism…they are never recovered from alcoholism, they are always “in recovery”. My ED will always be there. It’s a matter of God giving me daily strength to overcome it so that it will no longer be my master!

  6. I fully agree with you about alcohol, though I can’t say it isn’t because I don’t like the taste of it. I would just rather eat something like cake than go out doing shots. Shots make me feel miserable whereas cake makes me feel delightful. MmmMmmmMMM..cake!

  7. I definitely talk about although it depends on who I’m around. I can be a little embarrassed in certain circumstances! P.S. If I didn’t already know I liked you, you would have definitely won me over with the Gilmore Girls reference ;)

  8. Absolutely love all of your answers here! I don’t drink much … a glass of wine, a margarita, or a sangria from time to time is definitely nice, but I’ve never been one to love throwing down shots and drinking beer. And yes, arrogance is certainly a turn off for me too … confidence on the other hand, is a huge turn ON!

  9. This. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this exact phrase before. Maybe replacing ‘brownie’ with ‘ice cream’, but still — I can relate :). —–> “I’m all like, “pass me a brownie and some Gilmore Girls!” Plus, I’d much rather eat my calories than drink them.”

  10. Loved reading this! And, I’m totally on board with you in regards to eating your calories over drinking them. Pass the cake please!

  11. My husband always has a beer in the evenings, but I am like you- give me my cookies! There are certain occasions when I like a great drink, but for the most part I would definitely rather eat my calories!

  12. I haven’t talked about sex much on my blog, but in person, it’s not something I’m hush hush about. I’ve made my parents and H’s mom blush once or twice, and they’ve done the same to us. Haha. Sex won’t be something that’s never discussed in this house, because, quite frankly, you said it about it placing a stigma on it – and with two girls (so far), I do NOT want them not talking to me. (PS: I love how spiritual and Christian you are…and that you STILL talk about sex. It’s extremely EXTREMELY refreshing to me. <3)