the season of NO

First, thank you for the AMAZING comments in regards to this post.  If you haven’t read it, go back and do so – today’s post will make much more sense.

As my title alluded to, I am entering in to a season of NO*.  Let me tell you – this has been a YEAR in the making.  A year for the stress of all the activities and duties that I’ve taken on to come crashing down around me (multiple times).  I’m finally to the point where I need to step away from a few things.  I need a season of no.

I need to take ACTION against what I struggle with.

Because busyness does NOT equate to productivity.

Because God is literally MAKING me lie down in green pastures.

Because my family and I deserve more.

What does that mean?  What does that look like?


In this season, I’m saying NO! to….

  • Working at the gym for the month of July (training and subbing).
  • Blogging for the month of July (writing and, sadly, reading).
  • Theater shows for the Fall.
  • Anything else that takes me away from my first two callings – wife and mother.

I think everything on that list is pretty self-explanatory, but for today, I’ll address the blogging aspect as it kinda-sorta impacts my readers.

I need a break from the blog.

When I started this blog nearly two years ago, my life looked very different.  I had the convenience of TWO NAPPING CHILDREN who gave me two full hours of alone time a day (I miss those days!).  I wasn’t doing shows.  I had just started teaching at the gym and had no clients.  Basically, I had more time.  And my focus was more home-centered.

Flash-forward to now.  Henry no longer naps.  Clara’s naps are shorter and some days she doesn’t sleep at all.  I’m at the gym for at least two hours a day, training clients – usually three.  I’m at the theater two hours at night.  I have no time to sit down and write.  And honestly, when I get time to myself, I don’t WANT to sit down and write.  I want to read a book or my Bible or work on a house project.

Blogging (the act of writing) is something I LOVE!  But everything that comes with it (reading other blogs, social media, self-promotion) …..I just don’t love that aspect anymore.  Some days it feels like my phone is super-glued to my right hand.  It’s simply not fair for the people around me to be “absent” while I’m “present” online.

For the month of July, I suppose I could blog sporadically or line up guest posts, but I don’t even want to give myself that option.  If I did, I would just devote thoughts to blogging and right now, I simply do not want to think about it.

This isn’t goodbye necessarily (notice the month of July thing above), but I suppose it could be the start of goodbye.  Who knows??

I’m taking a month to find out. 

Catch you on the flip side**!


QUESTION:  What do you need to say NO to in your life right now??


*Likewise, I’ll be saying YES to a lot of things.  I can’t wait to tell you about them come August!

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  2. Bless you, lovely lady.

    As your blog was one of the first, and “must read” blogs on my ‘list’ (heehee, Lindsay’s List…) you might have noticed–or maybe not, I won’t be offended–that I haven’t been reading blogs at ALL in the past month or so. There has just been so much else to do…things I love and that have made me happy, including the blog WRITING side of things. However, I just can’t keep up with the reading and the commenting and the making sure I’ve done all the reviews I promised, etc.

    I am inspired.

  3. Everyone needs a break from something at some time in their life! I am a newer blogger and I already understand the demand of blogging everyday and updating constantly. I am not complaining, but it is something that takes getting used too!

  4. I just asked for a month of leave from my job yesterday. I will have the month of August off with more time to spend with my kids. So excited! I totally get what you are doing, enjoy!

  5. I hear ya!

    I took a break from my blog and all social media. Surfing for maybe 1/2 hour a day. I felt like I came to the point where I too was glued to my phone. I was looking down at the world as opposed to up.

    I learned a lot in the week I took.

    I’m taking another two weeks coming up soon. Just completely disconnecting.

    Enjoy your month xo

  6. I have such a hard time saying no. I commit to too much because I can’t say no, and I end up regretting that I can’t spend at much time with my fiance that I’d like or reading a good book. I’ve been trying to cut back on posting and saying no to side jobs…but it’s hard. Balance will come eventually I hope! Good for you for focusing on your family right now – they’re what matters most.

  7. Oh Lindsay! Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit and read! But I love you for exactly what you did right here- you are always so real and have such wisdom to share with others. I think it is awesome that you can just make a good decision and not worry what others might think about it… You so exemplify “a city on a hill” – I am so inspired by you today… I think I could probably spend the month of July just chewing on this one post :) Our limitations sneak up on us don’t they?? Okay, didn’t mean to gush. Supporting you 100%! I will miss you this July but I so understand the need for time away. Blessings to you and your family! -Rachel

  8. I totally get this and am so glad that you are saying no and taking a break from blogging. I absolutely agree – I love writing, I love interacting with people but there is so much other stuff that goes along with it and that pulls me away from other important things in my life and yes! the phone glued to my hand. I love and admire your courage Lindsay and your perspective. xo

  9. Couldn’t agree more with this! I also do not particularly enjoy the social media aspect of blogging. I’ll go one step further and say that I pretty much despise social media. On rare occasions when I think to use it, I just don’t think it adds much value to my life. Friends and family standing right next to you are the ones you should be paying attention to. Not the ones on your phone all the time. And when you have a busy schedule it’s so hard to balance it all and find time. Blogging drops to the bottom of my priorities list at those times. Personally for me, I took a week off, and I plan to lessen the frequency of my posts. No pressure whatsoever to post 5 days/week anymore. If 3 is all I feel like doing, then that’s all I’ll do.

  10. Yeah, I don’t think your readers are going anywhere. You are so inspiring. Enjoy your break, friend! Praying for peace and growth for you during your sabbatical ;). xoxo

  11. Good for you. God and family first. I’ll be looking for you in August!

  12. Totally understandable. And to answer your question, I’m saying ‘Yes” to my daughters who need me to be in their homes for new babies. I’m really taking care of the the children who are left at home while Mommy and Daddy welcome the new one.
    Amy is first with Zachry–and with the NICU visit, I’m able to be here with CeCe and LeaV for Amy to run to the hospital, come home, run back, etc.
    Jennifer will follow in August; we/I will have Benjamin; then in December, we will welcome Stephanie’s and Brian’s baby; we can take care of Maggie the dog. And actually I’m taking care of Pebbles the dog and will take care of Potter dog in August.
    So what I am saying “no” to–basically if it’s in Franklin…

  13. I just said my big “NO” to writing blog posts for a bit. 100% agreed that some things worth saying “yes” to trump other things. Congrats to you for making the decision & just remember the blog will always be here if & when you’re ready!

  14. This post brought tears to my eyes friend. So many things I need to say “no” to. just need courage to do so. Sooo proud of you for your decision. LOVE YOU! Praying for you. HUGS!!!!! FOloowing in your footsteps with a few “no” decisions myself.

  15. You’re awesome!!! I love that you’re taking action :) I can’t wait to hear about it all! Best wishes & have a lot of FUN!!!

    I often take ‘off’ on the weekends & it’s amazing, I will continue to do this!

  16. I’m a husband-less, child-less college student, so I say YES to a lot (especially when saying “yes” means I will get paid). That’s how I ended up teaching at the gym, working in my major’s peer advising office, and taking three classes during summer “vacation.” Crazy.

    Anyway. Enjoy your month off! Catch you on the flippity flip!

  17. Lindsay — totally get this and have considered it myself. While I love blogging and the community, etc. sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I wasn’t concerned with detailing every part of it. I’m sure you will miss blogging but this will bring perspective so you can remember what it is you really love and when you come back, you’ll have a better grasp. Have a wonderful month off :)

  18. Good for you, Lindsay! I think you will feel so much better after taking some time off. I slowly ended up where I am now which is very sporadic posts, but I know that that’s all I can handle without giving up other aspects of my life. I’ve probably had more fun, hung out with more friends, and spent more time doing things I love since I’ve taken a step back from blogging these last few months. I think it’s a back and forth battle for a lot of us because we don’t want to lose all of the great things blogging has given us. Have fun in July!! :)

  19. Thank you thank you thank you for your example of saying no. I desperately need to say no to social media for a while, but I’m truly afraid. Here I am on actual vacation from school (teaching) for the first time in years and I just don’t know if I can unplug. I need to read, re-charge, ignore my work email for a while, but it lingers.

    (I need a wifi free cabin in the woods somewhere!)

    Praying for you to find respite and that you enjoy your time with those two cuties (and Travis too!)