why don’t you look us both in the eye

Unless you’re Travis, you won’t really understand that title.

And unless you’re Travis, you haven’t been married to me exactly 8 years TODAY.

Lucky you.


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2005-06-04 19.28.30

2005-06-04 19.34.12

Dear Travis,

Boy, do I love you!

You absolutely make me a better person. Just being around you makes me feel like I’m doing something right. Like life makes sense. Like I hear guitars in the air….





Oh Travis,

You’re the ONLY thing in my life that I’ve never wanted to quit at some point (yes, parenting included).

Yes, I was created to be your helpmate but I know full well how much you help me every single day. Or maybe I don’t – maybe that help is so great that it’s past my comprehension.






My lover,

You’re a great dad to our children – selfless and far more patient than I could ever be.  I want to make more babies with you.

Copy of 100_1020

You’re smart and you know it.  And the fact that you know it makes you so sexy to me.



Thank you for leading this family towards God, through example and action.

For being our head.  For reaching out every single night, taking my hand and praying specifically for ME.

It means more than you can possibly know.


Travis Truly,

You have my heart.

Happy Eight Years, my love!

here’s to eighty thousand more…lindsay

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  1. It was such a joy to watch you two together at Blend last month. The connection between you two is so powerful, that in a room filled with people, it is obvious that you two belong to each other. To those of us (ahem, hand raised) who are still searching for that depth of love, you are an inspiration. Congratulations on the anniversary of your marriage, and cheers to many, many MANY more years of blessed life together.

  2. You two got married exactly one week after us! Same year! Anyway, happy anniversary friend :). You all are beautiful and I know that your marriage inspires everyone who reads your blog. God bless you with 80 more years ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary you sweet lovebirds! It was such a pleasure to meet Travis at BLEND, you guys are so wonderful together. Cheers to many more years or bliss!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I could sense, just by the few moments I spent with you at Blend, what a truly amazing and bonded couple you are… did I mention gorgeous too? Marriage isn’t easy but it sounds like you guy have it going on. So happy for you on this day and everyday! Cheers to many more years together!

  5. Wow, that is one good looking couple!! Gorgeous :-)
    My dude and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and its so crazy how time flies when you’re in love!


  6. oh my goodness, Lindsay, this post made me misty-eyed. You guys have something so special that I have always always wanted, and i’m so glad that you found each other.