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**The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™.  All opinions are my own.**

Two handed clap that it’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the week (and yes, there is such a thing as a one-handed clap.)  I have something really fun to share with you today.  Fun in the work out sense (also the being awesome sense), so if those two things aren’t your thing, come back never tomorrow.  I recently partnered with Fitfluential and Soldier of Steel™ to help spread the word about the Soldier of Steel™ Transformational Workout Plan developed by MAN OF STEEL™ Trainer, Mark Twight.  If you’ve already seen the movie (don’t ruin it for me – going this weekend!), you’ll have noticed how flippin’ HOT Henry Cavill is as Superman.

Umm….yeah.  Henry’s hard work, but trainer Mark’s protocol.  (Side note:  Mark also helped develop the strength training program for the actors in the movie, “300.”  This guys knows his stuff.)

After Mark started working with the MAN OF STEEL™ crew, the National Guard partnered with him to put a “soldier spin” on the workouts.  National Guard Soldiers are trained to be ready for anything – they used a mix of strength, balance, agility, flexibility and power work in this unique protocol.

Having looked over a sampling of the workouts, I can tell you that they look AMAZING and INTERESTING!  The variety of the movements made me smile honestly (Man-makers are my favorite – you’ll see when you open the workout pdf).  And it’s FREE!!  Plus, 80% of the workouts can be done with NO equipment – just open space.  The other 20% can be completed at a gym with standard equipment (nothing fancy).  When you sign up at, you can:

  • Download the one-month training routine developed by celebrity trainer Mark Twight
  • Learn how Mark transformed Henry Cavill into the MAN OF STEEL™
  • Watch fitness training webisodes
  • Receive training tutorials on 23 different exercises used during the month of training

Everything is all written out for you in a PDF file!  I just showed it to Travis and we’re planning to do some of these together.  I hope you’ll give it a look over – happy to spread the word!


Got a fitness question for Mark Twight? On Thursday, June 20, Mark Twight will answer fan questions on the @NationalGuard Twitter handle.

Follow the conversation from 3PM EST – 4PM EST at #TwightTakeover.


QUESTION:  When was the last time you changed things up at the gym?  How often do you vary your workouts?


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  1. Showed this to Ian (my hubby) last night, and we’re planning to do it tonight! If I’m not asleep after putting the kids to bed (and that is a big IF)!

  2. Ive been changing up my workouts to include some running in to my crossfit training and then doing some accessory muscles work on my arms :) Switching up your routine is so important to stay active and not get bored :)