it’s MOVING day! the musical.

This is a song.  So sing it to whatever tune you want to in your head.

“It’s moving day.  It’s moving day.  All the cats come out and plaaaayyy.”

…Don’t ask…I’m crazy.

….Crazy EXCITED!!!  Because we’re MOVING today!!  Yes, just 2 miles away but still.   After 10 months (!!!) of work and sweat and tears and drama, I’ll be sleeping at my new house tonight!

“In a sea of boxes.  Floating on a sea.”

…Don’t ask…I’m crazy.

I won’t have solid internet access for the next few days so blogging, etc might be sparse.  Check you on the flip side!


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  1. Congratulations!!!!! (And good luck!!)

    I can’t wait to get down to Alabama and start to get settled in my first big-girl, all by myself, apartment…this ‘living in five places at once’ thing I’ve got going on right now is not the greatest! [However, there is a chance my family and I are stopping in Asheville on the way to Alabama…]